MDC belongs to us

EDITOR - MDC rebels are now busy fighting Tsvangirai, which makes them Zanu
(PF) and Tsvangirai is still fighting Zanu (PF) which makes him MDC leader.
MDC rebels said they don’t follow the crowd. Instead they have decided to
follow Thabo Mbeki who happens to be Mugabe’s clos

e friend.

MDC belongs to millions of Zimbabweans, not a few power-hungry money
launderers. Tsvangirai’s well-attended rallies have shaken both the rebels
and their sponsors who have resorted to death threats. Defections by some
MDC rebels back to the party means that they (rebels) have seen the light
after being taken for a ride.

I salute you Tsvangirai for saving MDC from being hijacked by some Zanu (PF)
spies who imported a student to lead them which means that they (rebels) are
not capable of being leaders. Student politics and national politics are two
different things and Mutambara has since realised that, but it’s too late
for him to recover.


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