Mugabe can run but cannot hide – MDC

HARARE - MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is due to address a star rally in Budiriro this weekend ahead of the May 30 by-election for the Budiriro parliamentary seat. Party spokesman Nelson Chamisa told the Zimbabwean he was confident the MDC candidate, would win the seat, despite the bureaucratic hurdl

es put in his way by the Zimbabwe Election Commission.
“For example, we are still finding it difficult to get a copy of the voters’ roll. We are aware that the government has been registering people from outside the constituency long after the closing date. That is how they rig elections – by inflating the roll. Our lawyers are looking into this,” he said.
“Zanu (PF) officials are like strangers in the suburb, where there are no effective ruling party structures.”
Chamisa rejected Mugabe’s ploy to extend his reign to 2010 by amending the constitution on the pretext of synchronizing the presidential elections set for 2008 with parliamentary elections due in 2010.
“Mugabe is obviously trying to buy himself another two years. But the MDC believes only a new people-driven constitution, and not piecemeal amendments by Zanu (PF), will end Zimbabwe’s crisis of legitimacy,” said Chamisa.
“The regime has now realized that stealing elections is not sustainable in the long term. Mugabe has confirmed that he is afraid of elections and will take the slightest excuse to seek asylum in a defective constitution to run away from a presidential election.”
He also condemned the arrest of women and children at the weekend saying the dictatorship was showing signs of panic.
“It has now adopted terror tactics – suppressing students, women’s groups and other civic groups who exercise their democratic right to engage in peaceful demonstrations. The MDC believes that all Zimbabweans have the right to express themselves whenever they want,” he asserted.
Chamisa dismissed the latest salary increases for civil servants as a placatory scheme that would not save the government.
“The latest move is purely cosmetic and will not address the fundamental issues bedeviling our economy,” he said.
He went on to condemn Mugabe for taking advantage of a state visit to Malawi to preach party politics in Lilongwe.
“The nation demands an explanation and accounting from Mugabe who takes advantage of his many state visits at the taxpayers’ expense to pursue parochial Zanu (PF) interests as opposed to the national good. It has been the character of this regime to mix party politics and national business at the expense of the taxpayer,” he said.
Meanwhile, Arthur Mutambara, leader of the breakaway faction of the MDC, accompanied by secretary general Welshman Ncube and his deputy Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, continued his European tour by returning to the UK where he was scheduled to address a meeting of Zimbabwean exiles in London.

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