Prepared to perish for democracy

JOHANNESBURG - An underground and militant group, Zimbabwe Popular
Resistance (ZPR), which is aiming to topple the Robert Mugabe regime through
civic mass disobedience in the country, is causing headaches for Zimbabwean
security agents.

The group is intensifying its campaign to di

slodge the Mugabe regime despite
warnings from the government to crush violently any protests in the country.
The organization, which is operating clandestinely in Zimbabwe and outside
the country, plans to launch attacks on properties and business fronts owned
by all those connected to the Zanu (PF) leadership. The Central
Intelligence Organization (CIO) is frantically trying to trace the origins
of the group in Zimbabwe in order to infiltrate it.

“Our membership, defence units, supporters and sympathizers are urged to pay
no heed to the machinations of the so called ‘parliamentary election’ and
not to invest their hopes in diversionary acts. Reserve your strength
instead for the hard battles ahead. The struggle will be calling on you to
assist soon enough, both across the Diaspora and at home,” said the ZPR last
week in a printed statement posted to members.

The organisation would like to see a transitional government take over from
Mugabe regime and organise democratic elections under United Nations
auspices. “We are not fighting the enemy in order to hand over to armchair
political entities and individuals,” said a senior official of the group in
Johannesburg who refused to be named

“We have already started the groundwork but I cannot divulge the details of
the operation now. We want to catch the Zanu (PF) regime unaware. The
security agents are trying hard to trace us but we are working underground.
The situation in Zimbabwe needs bold decision and we are prepared to perish
fighting for democracy.”

The official added that the ZPR’s operations would involve a few dedicated
men and women to carry out acts of civil disobedience.

“We want to hit hard on their business empires, homes and farms and sent
shivers down their spines. They have been on the honeymoon for long time
plundering the country’s economy. It is time to create our own terrain of
struggle, a terrain of popular resistance that is determined by the masses
of Zimbabweans themselves and that is free from the shackles of
institutional, self-interested and big-man politics. It is time to strike
fear into the hearts of the oppressors who think they are untouchable, to
strike blow against their interests and institutions,” she said.

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