We need a new Zimbabwe

EDITOR - Thank you for a free forum in which concerned Zimbabweans can
express pertinent views about issues relating to our country.

I feel that Robert Mugabe has effectively bottled Zimbabweans into a small
jar and excluded us from the rest of the world.

He has encircled himse

lf with those who believe that, by numbers alone, they
have a more legitimate stake in the country. Everyone else then strives to
belong to this grouping or to have a contact within it in order to survive.
That is why people carry a secret Zanu (PF) membership card – to produce it
conveniently when seeking certain favours.

The character of our country right now reflects the personal views of
Mugabe. It is a piece of land owned and protected by one man. His views are
sacrosanct. Only those sanctioned by him or who do not materially differ
from him can be tolerated. You cannot succeed in anything through personal
effort unless the Godfather is behind you somehow. Otherwise, there must be
a white enemy behind your success. No Zimbabwean is capable of success

Let those who have intellectual capacity draw up a new constitution and new
laws, etc. to which people can aspire. In this new Zimbabwe:
Let us build roads, dams, schools, dip tanks and factories. Let us carry out
progressive farming projects and set up grain silos, canning factories and
engineering firms, according to the potential our country has. Let us
establish cultural and contemporary arts centres for the eventual explosion
of this great talent our country already has.

Let us build hospitals and staff them with qualified and professional men
and women who will care for their people. Let us stock these hospitals and
clinics with massive medical supplies, etc. Imagine our schools with all
the equipment and qualified teachers!

Let us change our independence day to a new date, say, the 17th or 19th of
April just to be different from Mugabe’s day. Let us exclude these people
from our new Zimbabwe so that they do not hold us at ransom ever again.
Let our children and future generations aspire to develop this ideal
Zimbabwe and not only to try and change Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. This will require
not only financial resources, but a total mind-set that may take generations
to transform.

I am not a Political Scientist but I believe together with such skills among
progressive Zimbabweans, a new country can be born. Remember, you can either
repair a car engine, re-condition it or replace it with a new one. Let us
make our choice. I suggest a new Zimbabwe would be better.

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