Which is the real MDC?

EDITOR - How nice of you to give us two independence celebration messages
from two opposition parties leaders who incidentally are in opposite camps!
What it simply shows is your non-partisan approach in as far as the
so-called MDC split is concerned. You leave it to the reader to analyze

decide which is the real MDC.

Fortunately the two leaders clearly showed where they stand! Both gentlemen
did recognize that Zimbabwe was won through struggle and they indeed should
give credit where it is deserved. Both gentlemen allude to the terrible
state that the country is in. Mr Mutambara even goes on to give figures to
show how things were and how bad they are today. On his part, Mr Tsvangirai,
just mentions that the economy is not doing well without further proof.
Kudos to Mr Mutambara!!

Unfortunately he loses the whole presentation by failing to identify who he
is or represents. In his message, nowhere does he mentions MDC or any other
opposition political party for that matter! Does it mean that he does not
identify with the party? Who is “WE” that he mentions? Does it mean that his
faction is now going to have a new name and save Zimbabwe from further

Of course he knows better, but inadvertently, Mr Mutambara just let the cat
out the bag!! He is not for MDC, was never for MDC and will never be. He
always knew but thanks to you and his message, now we all know as well. Once
again, thank you for being open-minded. You saved Zimbabwe.

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