Zimbabwe Action Movement (ZAM) calls for unity

JOHANNESBURG - The Zimbabwe Action Movement (ZAM), a political pressure group based in South Africa, has warned the two Movement for Democratic Change factions in Zimbabwe not to contemplate launching their divided parties in South Africa.
ZAM chairman, Lookout Mabhanga Ncube, said it was time to

put a stop to the political madness of both the Mutambara and Tsvangirai factions.
“These people need to come back to their senses and realise that they need each other to obtain democracy in Zimbabwe. Presently my organisation is engaged in a massive campaign to unite all Zimbabwean youth in South Africa to stand up and fight for their nation, but now I hear one of the factions is planning to hold a congress of a divided MDC. Here in South Africa we are in full support of one united original MDC. Those who think they can take the Zimbabwean youth in South Africa for a ride by planting division and hatred for self-greed will find us waiting for them,” said Ncube.
His vice chair, Jabulani Sibanda echoed these sentiments, saying the political immaturity and confusion of MDC leaders has no place beyond the Limpopo.
“Millions of people here left their homes, jobs, families and country after being persecuted for being MDC members, and now the very people who nullified our sacrifice are hunting down the last hope of opposition political unity in Zimbabwe. We say to the leaders, sit down and bring back to us the MDC that has caused hundreds to die, thousands to be tortured and millions to flee the country. Anybody who comes here to preach either Tsvangirai or Mutambara will regret it. We are in a struggle and are prepared to die fighting anyone who barricades the road to democracy,” Sibanda said.
Meanwhile, the group held a unity rally in Diepsloot over the weekend attended by some 200 supporters. A video of Operation Murambatsvina was shown in an attempt to remind Zimbabwean youths that millions of political victims at home have put their last hope on the youth to come back and rescue them.
ZAM broke away from the Zimbabwe Action Support Group (ZASG) following differences in ideology and methodology to be used in achieving democracy in Zimbabwe. For the past three months the pressure group has held unity rallies in schools, universities, churches and public places, calling on all Zimbabwean youths to stand up and determine the destiny of their country. – CAJ News

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