Zimbabwe Vigil Diary – 6th May 2006

London was transfixed by a crazy elephant this weekend - not Mugabe but a mechanical 40 foot giant created by a French theatre group. It was lovely to see so many children being taken to Trafalgar Square to see the "Sultan's Elephant" on its tour of London. Being here every Satur

day for nearly four years, The Vigil is an established part of the local pageant. Our banners: “No to Mugabe, No to Starvation”, “Stop Murder, Rape and Torture in Zimbabwe” and “Wake up World! Zimbabwe is Dying!” confront visitors to all these Trafalgar Square events. People are immediately sympathetic and readily sign our petition calling for UN intervention in Zimbabwe. But there are a variety of other interactions – for example today: a pan-Africanist Congolese who was very much pro-Mugabe, an angry white man who seemed to think that Zimbabwe should be left to fend for itself, an Afghan student who interviewed us all for her final piece of work to complete her degree, and a Russian who was also pro-Mugabe because he is supposedly socialist.
We were very grateful to have Mr Pizza Man who, as always, brought us pizza and coffee even though he is not Zimbabwean and has never visited the country. Passers-by were fascinated by a new feature of the Vigil – a board with Zim $42,000 fanned out showing how much half a loaf of bread cost.
For this week’s Vigil photos, check: http://uk.msnusers.com/ZimbabweVigil/shoebox.msnw. FOR THE RECORD: 41 signed the register – lower numbers this week because some supporters were attending an MDC meeting in Leicester.
FOR YOUR DIARY: Zimbabwe Forum, Upstairs at the Theodore Bullfrog pub, 28 John Adam Street, London WC2 (cross the Strand from the Zimbabwe Embassy, go down a passageway to John Adam Street, turn right and you will see the pub). Monday, 15th May, 7.30 pm – another regular action planning forum: discussion and decisions on campaigns and demos.

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