DA condemns asylum refusal

CAPE TOWN - The opposition Democratic Alliance in South Africa has condemned the refusal of Roy Bennett's asylum application by the authorities. Speaking in parliament last week Douglas Gibson, the DA spokesman on foreign affairs, said the matter was shocking.
"Bennett is a Zimbabwean who rep

resented a constituency which was overwhelming black. He spent eight months in jail for a scuffle in the Zimbabwean parliament. A similar scuffle here between the present Deputy Minister of Justice and Dr Manie Schoeman resulted in both MPs apologizing in the house and being suspended for a day or two. Bennett served eight months in jail,” said Gibson.
“He has been persecuted, his property stolen by the Zimbabwean government without compensation. He is now threatened with other serious charges. No one can really think that he will receive a fair trial.
“Honourable Minister [Dlamini-Zuma], your government granted asylum to former President Aristide who has lived a life of luxury for the past two years at the expense of the South African taxpayer. I want to appeal to you to find it in your heart to support the case of Roy Bennett, his wife Heather and daughter Tracey.
“You do not have to put them up at a government guest house and supply a car, chauffeur, secretaries and the trappings of a head of state for Bennett. He will support himself,” he said.

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