Letters (ii) 8-6-06

The African disease
EDITOR - I respect Lovemore Madhuku very much as man and leader made of sterner stuff. He is a man who is much needed in these times of oppression because he can stand up against all odds.
However, the recent amendment of the NCA constitution to allow M

adhuku to run again for the top post does not argue well with fair-minded democratic people. It’s a sad thing to note that people who taste power once become corrupted to the point of thinking to the effect that none one can do it better than themselves.
I listened to Madhuku last on VOA night trying to defend the constitutional amendment that brought him aboard again. He said ‘The NCA will become stronger’. This will mean no one can do it better than him. Africans should be taught that there are a lot of people out there who can do the same job given the chance. It does not matter that 80% of the people voted supporting the amendment but the fact that he is happy to retain his seat sends the wrong message to people. He could have retired and allowed some one to take the reigns and support him. Unfortunately history has it on record now that Madhuku amended the constitution to run for chairmanship again, a disease that has affects many African leaders. This defeats the cause of African democracy.

Zimbabweans arise
EDITOR – The economic meltdown and political malaise we are facing today in Zimbabwe calls for people who are really committed to bringing normality to this turbulent scenario. This is a challenge to each and every concerned citizen to play his/her role since a lot is at stake to continue living in conditions such as ours. The twin evils of illegitimacy and bad governance can only be brought to an end if we all play our part. This explains why our President Morgan Tsvangirai is calling for the establishment of a Truth and Justice Commission. We are living in an upside world which must be set right again. As citizens of Zimbabwe, we should show that we belong to this community through active participation in public life. We should not pretend that we are not suffering when we have done badly, very badly in everything. Stayaways, demonstrations etc should not be viewed as middle-class stratagems and projects. This is indeed the time for Zimbabwe to arise! Violence is not part of us. It is according to Martin Luther “a descending spiral begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy”. Violence breeds more violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
MUTSA, Harare

Journalists have failed us
EDITOR – It is clear that investigative journalism on Zimbabwe is only skin deep. Journalists and financial analysts are saying is that Zimbabwe is the fastest declining economy on this planet that is not in a war situation. I hear this ad infinitum. It is incorrect. It’s a myth. The fact of the matter is that Zimbabwe is at war and has been for quite some time. Mugabe declared war when he declared the 3rd Chimurenga. He appointed a “War Cabinet”. He set up Militia bases across the country to fight his war. He sent his militia into operation throughout the country beating, raping, murdering and terrorising the population. This militia had precedence over the police. Pungwes occurred everywhere and people, on mass, were forcibly subjected to these brain-bending terror tactics.
Mugabe has been appointing senior or retired military personnel to senior government posts for quite some time. These appointments are being made on an ongoing basis. Zimbabwe is now a command economy. Even agriculture has been militarised. Which part of the facts stated above would give anyone the idea that Zimbabwe is at peace. Where journalism has failed, and failed miserably as far as Zimbabwe is concerned, it that it hasn’t put the facts logically together or explained the implications. So while the rest of the world thinks Zimbabwe is at peace, the people who live there know they are at war but have no means to convey this message to the world at large. Your responsibility as journalists is to give these people a voice.

Aspire to be a Retired Colonel
EDITOR – To assess one’s relevance in the Zanu (PF) hierarchy one needs to understand the ‘New Renaissance’ of the party’s ranking order. No longer is it fashionable or relevant to be a lowly ‘comrade’, a Senator, a Herald journalist, a Supa (sic) ZTV ‘expert’, a Judge, a Member of Parliament, a ‘Veteran’, or even a Minister. There is an old but truthful adage that if you cannot find a job anywhere else then join the military. The fastest growing career path in Zimbabwe must surely be to aspire to be a retired colonel of even a retired major. Initially you must be pre-conditioned and prepared to improve your intellect by endlessly marching around, mindlessly obeying and saluting the leaders, and polishing your frequently brown soiled footwear. Now to be successful the caveat is that you also need swear allegiance to the ever-living pharaoh, and to be adept at licking the boots of other presumptuous heroes.
Fringe benefits now include not less than free commandeered vehicles and houses, and a free-right to loot and violate anything else without punishment or consequence.
Apparently the only entry level prerequisite is having an Intelligence Quotient below 70 points and a natural predisposition towards criminal conduct and violence.
Now these promoted heroic louts are champions of all things relevant in marvellously recovering economy in Zimbabwe. They are economists, revenue collectors, expert farmers and miners, entrepreneurs and leading captains of industry. With these deadbeats now running the country, who can guess how much longer it will be before the final implosion?

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