No respect for culture

No respect for culture

We condemn unreservedly the police action in disrupting the funeral of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai last week. About 25 policemen, some of them armed and carrying teargas canisters, deliberately misinterpreted the law to provoke unnecessarily

a family in mourning. This is despicable.

For a government that harps on about “our African culture” when it suits them, they should know that of all events in Africa society, the funeral ceremony is the most hallowed – an occasion when the bitterest of enemies call a truce or a ceasefire while loved ones are laid to rest with dignity and due reverence.

Those policemen who invaded the burial ceremony in Buhera obviously felt confident enough to throw their weight around in this intolerable manner simply because the rule of law has collapsed in Zimbabwe. The police force is riddled with corruption and even junior officers now believe they can act with impunity. The buck just never stops anywhere.

It is only natural that MDC supporters would want to console their leader at a time like this. One way of demonstrating their support was to wear party regalia. If it were not for Tsvangirai’s position in the MDC and his considerable grassroots support, most of them would not even have been there. So to demand that people remove their t-shirts, bandanas and whatever was totally unreasonable.

How come this has never been a requirement when Zanu (PF) buries its dead? In fact, Mugabe has routinely used the funerals of party and his own family members as a political platform. Supporters all wear party regalia and shout slogans. It’s the way Zanu (PF) has always done it. In life and in death, politics reign supreme. And to the simpletons in police uniform, politics, of course, is the sole preserve of Zanu (PF).

Makwavarara apes Mugabe

The unelected chairperson of the unelected commission running Harare City, Sekesayi Makwavarara, has taken a leaf from Mugabe’s book and conferred upon herself draconian powers.

She is now accountable to no-one other than the minister of local government, Ignatius Chombo, who reappointed her to the position in full knowledge of her many corrupt practices and utter incompetence.

We are dumb-founded at the lengths to which he seems prepared to go to avoid democratic municipal elections, which will undoubtedly return an MDC City Council.

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