SA Police xenophobic

JOHANNESBURG - Most South African police officers hold a perception that foreigners are responsible for crimes committed in Johannesburg because of lack of job opportunities, according to research released recently.
With Zimbabweans coming into South Africa in large numbers, most of them risk&nbs

p; arrest on false charges by the police who view them as criminal elements.
Police recently claimed that most of the robbers involved in a cash-in-transit heist immediately skipped to Zimbabwe and spent the money.
According to research by the Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation on attitudes of police towards foreigners, most lower-raking officers agreed that foreigners were involved in crimes committed.
But Senior Superintendent for Organized Crime, Brian Opppelt said although foreigners were involved in organized crime, South Africans normally headed the syndicates.
Senior police official said foreigners got involved in crimes because of the xenophobia and exploitation they endured at the hands of South African companies. “Most companies exploit illegal migrants as they do not have legal documents to stay in the country,” they said.
Recently, the Congress of South Africa Trade Unions urged South African companies to desist exploiting Zimbabwe labourers who are flooding the job market because of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown.

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