Success for teachers

Success for teachers

JOHANNESBURG - Zimbabwean teachers in SA have scored their greatest victory of the century after their union, The Progressive Teachers of Zimbabwe in South Africa (PTZ-SA), successfully lobbied to have them registered with the So

uth African Council of Educators (SACE), regardless of their citizenship status.

For any teacher to teach in South African schools, they must be registered with SACE – hence thousands of well-qualified Zimbabwean teachers had failed to do so because the majority are yet to be granted legal status in SA.

PTZ-SA Secretary General Bongani Nyathi told CAJ News that his organisation held a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of SACE, Muavia Gallie, who gave an assurance that Zimbabwean teachers will now be registered with the council using documents such as their Zimbabwean Identity Documents, Passports and Asylum Permits.

“This is great victory for Zimbabwean teachers who had failed to get recognition both in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The main stumbling block for Zimbabwean teachers to work in public schools was the SACE certificate. Overqualified teachers who had been underpaid in private schools and some already working as security guards and domestic workers because of frustrations concerning SACE registration, have now had their dignity restored,” Nyathi said.

Under this arrangements, teachers will first need to send certified copies of both academic and professional certificates to either the South African Ministry of Education or the South African Qualifications Authority for evaluation. The evaluation certificate will then enable them to get registered with SACE a process that will see them able to teach in both private and public schools. – CAJ News

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