The people gave Mugabe his power

The people gave Mugabe his power

EDITOR - It always amazes me that the Zimbabwean people continually lament the state of their country and yet do nothing

about it. When Robert Mugabe took over governance of the country in 1980 he was elevated to the status of a god.

The people of Zimbabwe gave Robert Mugabe his power, and only the people of Zimbabwe can take it away – not Thabo Mbeki, not Koffi Anann. I fail to understand how the Zimbabweans managed to overthrow the Smith government and yet cannot get their act together to get rid of Mugabe and his henchmen.

The people of Zimbabwe lament their lot, come to South Africa (and other countries) in droves and yet do absolutely nothing to get rid of the very government they purport to despise. Zimbabweans must realise that no other country is going to help them, unless they help themselves first, and it seems to me that they are too complacent, weak and uncommitted to improve their lot.

By virtually worshipping Mugabe in the early days of independence, they created a monster which only they, and nobody else, can get rid of. Where is the resilience that got rid of Smith? Where were the voices when the farmers were being evicted and food production virtually stopped? Sitting in South Africa and England, with full stomachs, applying for refugee status.

As long as Zimbabweans continue to be weak and compliant, the longer Mugabe will continue to do as he pleases. If Zimbabweans are so anxious to get rid of Mugabe, go back home and do something. Don’t ask Mbeki to do it. Don’t ask Anann to do it. Zimbabweans created the monster, Zimbabweans must get rid of the monster.


No prospects for youth

EDITOR – Ordinary young Zimbabweans face a corroding, sub-standard and unaffordable education system, shackled to governance that does not acknowledge and practically implement any child welfare policies or interest.

An estimated 300 000, students a year are expected to graduate from high school and university in Zimbabwe, in a population of 13 million with an unemployment rate of 70-80%. T

The prospects of a young Zimbabwean are as low as the inflation rate is high – and even that is subject to change by close of business today.

They are also forced to adhere to an unaffordable health system in a nation plagued by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Zimbabwe now has the dubious honour of being the world’s most infected country – about a quarter of the adult population is HIV positive. In many urban areas, infection runs to 40%, with life expectancy at birth around 33-38 years. The human effect of the disease is obvious, and the social and economic effects are catastrophic in a nation facing political and economic meltdown.

Diabolical governance by a regime that is in self-destruct mode has left millions of young Zimbabweans in a situation where they might as well be buried alive.

Draconian legislation makes it practically impossible to campaign for the right to affordable accessible Education and Health for all Zimbabweans regardless of tribal, race, sexuality and economic background, without the risk of being arrested, tortured or being executed.

Deemed the “Modern day Chimurenga”, Free-Zim is a revolution realised by young Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and is making a public out cry to all young Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to unite in solidarity with our fellow brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe, and be in the forefront of the revolution and the struggle for a birth of a New Zimbabwe.


Beware mass action confusion

EDITOR – Our telephones are almost jammed with inquiries about the purported planned mass action in Zimbabwe on June 15 and 16. The organisation purportedly planning the mass action calls itself Concerned Zimbabweans Coalition.

We THE CONCERNED ZIMBABWEANS ABROAD, wish to make it clear that we have nothing to do with this seemingly dubious organisation and we have never heard of it. We are not linked to any of the organisation’s so called planned mass action.

We believe that this could be the work of government agents who are basically trying to derail the real mass action being planned by civic organisations and the opposition in that country. We as Zimbabweans in the diaspora support all organisations that organise activities to rid of tyranny in our country. We wish to notify everybody that we are in touch with all the main players in Zimbabwe to include the ZCTU, MDC (Tsvangirai), WOZA, NCA, etc.

We believe this so-called organisation, is trying to organise a mass action that will definitely flop so that the government can discourage any would be organisers of mass action. They want to claim that the mass action planned by human rights active organisations will flop and have no support from the masses. The government is now feeling the heat and clearly knows what is in store for it, hence these should be the shrewd tactics of Zanu (PF) to cause confusion.

We are in touch with the real organisations that are planning real mass action and will join in when the time is up.

JAYJAY SIBANDA, Johannesburg

Where are priorities?

EDITOR – I am baffled and disappointed by Mutambara’s political antics. He is busy trying to Hi-jack the MDC name, logo and slogan but has the guts to shout and make a lot of noise about the NCA’s constitutional changes. He is not concerned with addressing the real issues and the constitutional changes made by the ruling party that directly affect the people of Zimbabwe.

Yes the constitutional changes of the NCA do affect Zimbabweans but it’s not in charge of the day to day running of our country. Constitutional changes by the Government affect us as a people. His spokesman says he wants to direct dedicated drastic actions against a civic organisation but he has not said the same about Zanu (PF)! Where are these guys’ priorities? They can see the straw in the eye of the NCA but cannot see the LOG in their own eyes. What hypocrisy!

HARD ROCK, South Africa

Let MDC unite

EDITOR – I would like to hear comments from all those Zimbabweans who were over 18 years old in 1980 and voted Zanu (PF). Do they feel proud about what they did? What was wrong about ZAPU? Do you see how tribalism destroyed our country?

I was called a dissident several times during the 1980s, by ordinary Zimbabweans, when I went to visit relatives in Harare. My only crime was that I was Ndebele speaking. I am proud that I did not have any active role in contributing to what our country is now like.

The people need to learn from their mistakes. Let us vote wisely come 2008. Remember no tribalism. We unite properly, not like the unity accord of 1987, which is laughable.

Let us stop this tribal pettiness, to Welshman Ncube and Gibson Sibanda stop dividing our country and people. Let the MDC unite.


Salute to WOZA

EDITOR – Thanks for your sizzling hot paper. Please allow me space to salute and pay tribute to the bold and courageous members of Women Of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) who have braved harassment, brutal beatings, imprisonment and even death threats protesting against among other things violence against women, the holding of senatorial elections and exorbitant school fees hikes.

Under the fierce political environment prevailing these women have audaciously protested against various issues that need to be addressed and fearlessly held marches to demand an end to hunger and hatred abundantly prevalent in Zimbabwe.

It is common knowledge that expressing an opinion is now a criminal offence and protesting is a very risky and dangerous activity in our country. These women are without doubt true heroes of the struggle.

Their determination and strong will to stand up, speak out and make the government take account of the effect of the self-inflicted crisis in Zimbabwe on women, families and children is encouraging and inspiring.

It is this same kind of fighting spirit shown by these fearless members of WOZA that brought independence to Zimbabwe. I hope their courage and bravery also inspires the suffering Zimbabweans to take the path that will bring positive changes in our country.


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