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Last week I was in Hout Bay, Cape Town to celebrate a friend's birthday. The highlight of the evening was not the sweeping views of Chapman's Peak behind a yacht-lined harbour but the good company.
Zimbos outside of Zimbabwe are never in short supply. Whilst getting a drink at the bar I struc

k up conversation with the barman and quickly learned he too was from Zim.
Shonglish flowed soon after as we chatted about the inevitable. My new friend was from the Falls where he had worked at a Lodge, “You know,” he said as he gestured toward the foreign patrons having dinner, “these Europeans, they come all the way from Europe to Cape Town on holiday and all they see is what they have at home; beaches, restaurants, mountains and over-priced shops.” I nodded in agreement with a wry smile. Cape Town was voted best holiday destination by Europe’s leading travel magazine in 2005. “If only I could take them to Zimbabwe and show them the land of milk and honey and what real service is about,” he said.
The conviction he spoke with and the longing he showed to want to showcase his country made me realise that Zimbabwe still has a great deal to offer.
The Falls will always be the 7th Wonder of the World – regardless of who is in power. Tiger fishing on a houseboat trip, canoeing down the Zambesi River or golfing in Nyanga is still all possible. And the downstream benefits from tourism to many suffering Zimbabweans are considerable. By choosing to holiday in Zimbabwe, you could put food on a family’s table, provide medicine for a sick child and give somebody a meaningful day’s work. has teamed up with The Zimbabwean to showcase ‘the land of milk and honey’. When planning your holiday you might need to take your own cows and bees, but you are still guaranteed the only truly African holiday with unrivalled service at a fraction of the cost. –

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