Zimbabwean woman kidnapped in Jo’burg

JOHANNESBURG - South African police last week arrested four foreign nationals for kidnapping a Zimbabwean woman and holding her hostage in Johannesburg demanding payment for her release.
The four, whose nationalities the police refused to divulge, are said to have helped the woman, who did not h

ave any money, cross the border into South Africa.
“She told the men that she didn’t have money to pay them immediately and they told her that they would make an arrangement to be paid when she was in South Africa,” said police spokesperson Kriban Naidoo.
The four are said to have told the woman to settle the payment for the services on arrival in Johannesburg. But after they were paid R400 on arrival, the four refused to release the woman saying the amount was too little. Naidoo said it was then that the woman’s brother alerted the police about the woman’s predicament. The police stormed the building where the Zimbabwean was being held and arrested the four kidnappers.
The men are expected to appear in court soon. At least three million Zimbabweans, a quarter of the country’s 12 million population, are living outside the country, the majority of them in South Africa, after fleeing hunger and political repression at home. The South African government says there has been a rise in the number of Zimbabweans crossing into South Africa in search of menial jobs because of the bitter six-year old economic crisis. – ZimOnline

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