Acquitted MDC activists receive death threats

JOHANNESBURG -Five MDC activists, who were acquitted of murder charges by a high court here last week are now living in fear following some death threats from their arch-rival faction.
The five MDC activists, who belong to the Morgan Tsvangirai-led faction include Philemon Moyo, Philemon Ncube,Th

embelani Ndebele, Danisele Ngwenya and Memory, and have since reported the matter to the Hillbrow police station.
The five were acquitted of murdering Lungile Moyo during the run-up to 2005 parliamentary election.
In an interview with CAJ News on Friday last week, Moyo said he and the others received anonymous phone calls threatening them with death. He claimed that the anonymous caller phoned them one by one insisting that justice from a”live bullet” would be meted soon.
“The courts have found us not guilty on murder charges but these other fellow MDC activists, who made us arrested are now threatening to kill us. We have since appealed for police protection at Hillbrow, but we don’t know as to whether they would manage to always have their eyes on us,” said Moyo.
Zimbabwe Action Support Group (ZASG) Chairman, Remember Moyo, condemned the death threats and called for unity of purpose between the two warring MDC factions in South Africa. Moyo called for the law to take its course on whoever commits crimes. – CAJ News

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