Bill Watch – Statutory Instrument 166A of 2006

Bill Watch

HARARE - The President has prorogued Parliament by proclamation [Statutory Instrument 166A of 2006 in a Gazetted Extraordinary of June 28], thereby terminating the first session of the Sixth Parliament.

The same proclamation fixes the time and date of th

e commencement of the second session as 12 noon on July 25.
At the formal opening ceremony the President will deliver his speech outlining the government’s legislative programme for the next session. It is customary for Parliament then to adjourn for two weeks before resuming normal business.
The Domestic Violence Bill [H.B. 9, 2006] was gazetted on June 30.

The Petroleum Bill [H.B. 5, 2006] was gazetted on June 23. This Bill provides for the setting-up of a new parastatal, the Petroleum Regulatory Authority, the functions of which will include ensuring the provision of sufficient petroleum products for domestic use and the regulation of the procurement, sale and production of petroleum products in Zimbabwe. The Authority will be controlled by a five-person Board. Its functions will be exercised in accordance with general policy directions given to it by the Minister of Energy and Power Development, but otherwise it will enjoy independence from outside control.

There will be a continuing role for NOCZIM – it will be responsible for maintaining strategic reserves of petroleum products, and deemed to be the holder of such licences under the new legislation as are appropriate to its operations.

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