Chari a true leader

EDITOR – “Even though I am in exile I did not run away from the struggle but have only relocated strategically. I will only stop the struggle when I am dead.” Such statements incited the revolutionary spirit in me and made me realise that I have an important role to pla

y in the struggle to free Zimbabwe.
Givemore Chari is really an inspiring leader, and now I see why they chose him to be the president at Bindura University. He really is indeed a bright future leader of Zimbabwe. I thought of myself as a coward because of my being in the diaspora and far away from home when others are fighting back home, but these revolutionary statements from a true cadre have helped me redefine myself and I will fight from this end to help free Zimbabwe. Isn’t it that Mugabe and others went into exile during the liberation struggle but achieved victory far away from home? We are behind you Chari – one day Zim will be free and we shall go back home.

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