Chari an inspiration

EDITOR - Givemore Chari is such an inspiration to most of us and his courageous stance against Mugabe and oppression at his young age, is surely a motivation to us students and youths.
However, it is surprising to note that the prominent student leader after all this has to struggle

to get education .Where is ZINASU,MDC,STUDENTS SOLIDARITY TRUST,CONCERNED ZIMBABWEANS ABROAD,CRISIS COALITION and the rest of the civil society? Or maybe they are not concerned at all – the irony of it is that most student activists seem to believe so much into some of these organisations but this is how they are treated at the end.
It is disheartening to learn that they are no safety nets in place to protect the likes of Chari. The prominent youth leader is suffering whilst Morgan Tsvangirayi and other opposition leaders are busy dining in their mansions whilst someone fighting for the same goals as them (probably one of them) is suffering and cannot finish his education.
This clearly explains why most ordinary Zimbabweans do not heed calls made by these leaders to mass demonstrate because at the end of the day they will suffer alone. If these leaders cannot work on this, they risk future opposition from these people.
Rregardless of his suffering and what he has been through, Chari vows that he will only stop the struggle when he is dead – such courage and bravery is what makes a true leader. We salute you comrade – don’t give up the struggle.

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