Hope centre tackles crime, unemployment, drug abuse

The ZPF has started working with more than 500 youths in Johannesburg and Pretoria on cash spinning projects such as car washing, beads production, shoe making, wire-crafting, catering, market gardening, drama, music and wall poster paintings. Thousands of rands are expected to be raised before the

end of July.
A visit to the pastors’ forum offices this week showed nine executive youth office bearers monitoring, evaluating, drafting and implementing some of the income generating projects.
In an interview with CAJ News, Director of Hope Centre, Pastor Robert Murenje, said he was pleased to see the youths organising themselves to create employment for themselves and others who are living under difficult circumstances.
“Our major objective here is to meet the youths’ needs, including spiritual, body and social. We have been offered a farm in Hammaskraal where we plan to conduct vocational programmes,” said Pastor Murenje.
The Centre’s youth chairman, Watson Luandi, said Zimbabwean youths had a vision to empower themselves economically, socially and politically, but would also reach out to other exiles.
“We want to change their lives so that when they go back to their respective countries they will be well empowed,” said 19-year old Luandi.
The Zimbabwean youths in SA elected themselves and gave each other roles to perform under the supervision of Pastor Pastor Murenje.
The committee includes vice chair Luke Chagwiza, secretary Irene Chiteka, vice secretary Anna Mudzingiranwa and treasurer Livingstone Mutsuta.
The pastors forum also provides spiritual healing and counselling to those who have been tortured, raped and abused, before helping them interact with their peers around SA to share ideas on specific areas of co-operation. – CAJ News

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