Jamming of independent radio stations continues

LONDON - The Zimbabwe regime appears to have some success in continuing to jam the medium wave broadcasts of independent radio stations SW Radio Africa and Voice of America's Studio 7.
VOA, which announced in late June that the jamming appeared to be confined to its medium wave broadcasts to Hara

re, has made no further comment. SW Radio Africa said in a statement that it regretted to confirm that its medium wave broadcasts were still being jammed. “We are doing our best to counteract this and again urge the international community to most strongly condemn these additional attacks on Zimbabweans’ right to freedom of speech,” the statement added.
The regime is using Chinese-made equipment to interfere with the broadcasts, which for many Zimbabweans are the only source of news apart from state propaganda.
Studio 7 can be heard Monday through Friday from 7 pm to 8.30 pm Zimbabwe time at 4930 13755 and 17730 kHz shortwave in 30-minute segments in Shona, English and Ndebele. – Staff reporter

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