Let’s not be fooled again

It appears Mugabe has outwitted everybody yet again. But unfortunately, for all his intelligence, he has not found a way out of our present difficulties. He is good at out-foxing political enemies but not so good at coming up with productive solutions to the nation's woes.
Right now, the talk is

about a suitable mediator to negotiate with the British on his behalf. While the world expends copious amounts of time, energy and column inches discussing the relevant appropriateness of Benjamin Mkapa, Kofi Annan and Thabo Mbeki, Mugabe and his coterie of corrupt geriatrics continue to plunder a nation on a scale rarely seen in this day and age. They know there is no tomorrow for them.
But allowing themselves to become embroiled in the discussion about mediators, the nations of the world have taken their eyes off the ball.
The issue here is a Zimbabwean one. Mugabe himself has repeatedly told us that Zimbabwe is an independent, sovereign country that needs to solve its own problems. That it is none of Tony Blair’s business, nor indeed of Kofi Annan’s for that matter.
“Tony Blair you keep your Britain and I will keep my Zimbabwe,” Mugabe declared a few years ago.
So the whole thing of who is to pussy foot between Harare and London to restore relations between the two countries is nothing but a smoke screen.
Zimbabweans are calling for a new constitution and fresh elections under international supervision to prevent any funny business. We also want a return to the rule of law, an independent judiciary, respect of human rights and the scrapping of all the draconian legislation on the statute books.
Once that is done, and we are at peace with ourselves, then we can approach the international community to help us rebuild our shattered nation.
The imaginary sanctions that Mugabe accuses Britain of having imposed, which are in effect nothing more than a travel ban on himself and his cronies and an arms embargo, should only be lifted when the people of Zimbabwe get a government of their choice.
Mugabe fooled us all once before, let’s not be fooled again!

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