Agreement on mass action

HARARE - Opposition and civic groups have all agreed to adopt the Zimbabwe Democracy Charter, an explosive document spelling out a roadmap for all democratic forces to unite and stage a people's revolt against President Robert Mugabe.
Political analysts hailed the unified response by all the v

arious bodies, saying this was a vital landmark in the battle against the economic and social collapse caused by Mugabe’s misrule.
More than 50 civic society groups including churches, student bodies, labour and all opposition political parties had thrown their full weight behind the Charter, said Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition CEO Jacob Mafume.
“It is a framework for the post-Mugabe society that we want in Zimbabwe,” he said.
The unified response to the charter was hailed by the main MDC as “a contract between the democratic forces and the people of Zimbabwe”.
“This will usher in the post-Mugabe era. It expresses what we stand for and not just what we are against,” said Nelson Chamisa, the party’s spokesman.
The charter outlines the setting up of a transitional authority with a mandate to oversee Mugabe’s departure from power and the writing of a new constitution, followed by fresh elections supervised by the international community.
If Mugabe rejects these conditions, he will face a popular revolt.
“It is an inspirational document giving a vision for the future and an expression of the values that must inform a new Zimbabwe,” Mafume said.
The charter compels any post-Mugabe government to strive for equality and food security, to guard against plunder by the ruling elite and to restore the dignity of workers through the payment of fair wages.
It also demands respect for diversity, collective decision-making, zero-tolerance to corruption, decentralization of power and the holding of regular, free and fair elections that comply with international and regional standards.
The repeal of repressive security and press laws and other pieces of legislation prejudicial to freedom of speech, the press, movement and association are also recommended. – Own correspondent

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