Beware the home-grown monster

WARD 12, PARIRENYATWA HOSPITAL, HARARE - Sometimes I wake up and I see things clearly. It's all very clear to me today. I don't know why I didn't see it before. Mugabe is the hidden hand behind all farm invasions. My friend Mujubekhi broke the news to me that our Dea

r Leader had personally intervened to stop the Manicaland version of the Chinotimba-type farm invasions of properties of certain targeted Zanu (PF) ministers and senior officials who are regarded as un-supportive of Amai Joyce Mujuru’s bid for the presidency come 2008.
Restless and willing-to-be-used mujibhas gathered outside the provincial governor’s office last week, eager to be transported in government vehicles to Mike Nyambuya’s farm (minister in charge of energy) who is suspected of belonging to the pro-Mnangagwa camp.
What this means is that these farms, that were dished out to landless blacks (aka senior ruling party supporters), purportedly to correct the historic imbalances in land ownership, are in effect movable assets to be used as a reward system to encourage conformity and discourage independent thinking.
This strategy is not sustainable. A time is bound to come when the invaders decide they want to do their own thing. And when they fall out of line, or make a new line that they want everybody to toe. Mark my words- this whole thing is going to come back to haunt them one day. How can they expect anybody to invest anything, time, money, effort, skill, in their farms when we all know that on a whim, any day, a band of invaders can be dropped by a government or municipal lorry at the doorstep and force you to get out? Or else make life so miserable for you that you decide to leave of your own free will?
By encouraging the invaders in this way, Mugabe has created a Frankenstein-type monster. There is no doubt in Magaisa’s mind that it will turn and devour him one day.
We have already seen clashes between these professional invaders and some ministers in Masvingo- where they are now fighting over pieces of land and crops in the fields.
The protagonists in this whole thing- Amai Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa- have been silent while their followers engage in this low level skirmishing. However, you can be sure there is much behind the scenes shadow boxing by both camps as Mugabe’s departure date approaches with blessed inevitability.
But last week’s confrontation between the Manicaland war veterans led by Godfrey Chitakatira and the provincial governor blew the whole thing into the public eye. The lid is now off and we await developments with interest.
In the meantime, as Mujubekhi said, the boot is on the other foot as the chefs tremble in their beds at night wondering when and where the invaders will strike next- just like the commercial farmers used to.

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