Govt admits failure of ‘new’ farmers

HARARE - Black farmers must use stolen white farms properly as the government was tired of "begging for food" said President Robert Mugabe at Heroes Day celebrations - admitting for the first time a link between his controversial land reforms and widespread food shortages.
"If farming is not i

n your blood, switch to what you are good at. We want those with land to use it. We don’t want to keep begging for food,” said the aging dictator.
Zimbabwe has grappled severe food shortages since Mugabe began seizing land from whites six years ago under the guise of redistribution to landless backs in what he said was a mission to correct a colonial and unfair land tenure system.
But most of the farms seized from whites remain idle because new black owners, most of them senior officials the ruling party, have failed to utilise them for commercial farming.
The failure by government to support resettled black peasants with inputs and skills training has also contributed to food output dropping by about 60 percent since the farm seizures began.
Mugabe threatened to take land back from those who weren’t using it properly. – ZimOnline

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