Letters 10-08-06 (ii)

MDC in Durban
EDITOR - It is with a mixture of joy and sadness that I mail this to you. The fact
that the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai continues to grow in diaspora is indeed a source of great joy. However the sad part is that we have been denied ou

r most basic right by a government that lies to the whole world that it was elected by citizens of Zimbabwe. We now have to The Durban District of MDC now has new life and is determined to bring about long overdue change in Zimbabwe. We intend to keep the MDC alive in this part of SA. We have to work to keep the pressure on the South African government to make them see the folly of supporting the repressive Zanu (PF) government.
The ordinary South Africans now see that Mugabe is no African hero.They see Zimbabweans streaming across the borders and they now know that their government should not have backed Mugabe since 2000. It should have heeded warnings of this tragic situation.
We intend to have at least five branches by the end of August. We are hampered by lack of funds since we do not receive any from the party. However this is not going to hamper our work. We will continue to use our own personal funds to further the party in South Africa.
PERCY NHAU, District Chairman MDC, Durban

Travel advice
EDITOR – Concerned Zimbabweans Abroad (CZA) is issuing a global warning against visiting Zimbabwe as a result of the ongoing militarisation of Zimbabwe.
The paranoid regime of dictator Robert Mugabe has taken the decision to utilise his Zanu (PF) militia to man Zimbabwe’s borders. Travellers are cautioned as follows:
The militia are an extra-legal unit trained to oppress the people of Zimbabwe. They have the reputation of harassing, beating, raping and even murdering Zimbabweans with impunity. CZA warns the public that they enter Zimbabwe at their own risk and recommends delaying any visits to the country until such time as these government sponsored barabarians have been taken back into their hides.
These barbarians are not paid at all – they get some rations of food, mbanje (the leaf as they call it), and scuds (locally manufactured cheap beer) to keep them as aggressive as possible. Therefore they are going to rob as many visitors with impunity. The loot from these so-called border checks is part of their payments.
Already we have received reports that people have lost their belongings, cash, travel documents, and one Batswana woman who was indecently assaulted. Anybody carrying more than Z$5 million looses the rest to the notorious directionless youths.

Not a crime
EDITOR- I would like to respond to your last week edition about Ndebele speakers forming a party in South Africa. It is not the Ndebele people who opened a party. It is Zimbabweans, mostly from the Midlands and Matebeleland provinces.
It is not a crime for these people to form a party that is simply focussing on the restoration of their mother languages and building of their provinces.
The objectives of the party haven’t been even explained to some people at full length, but people have started cries.
Surprisingly it is the MDC people who are trying to castigate that organisation. Then where is the democracy which it goes preaching around to people? So clearly will there be no opposition when MDC rules Zimbabwe? The newly formed party does not even intend to go for elections to rule Zimbabwe, it’s real and meaningful objective shall be known as time goes on.
Bongani B Nqobizitha Mpofu, South Africa

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