Letters 17-08-06

Gono successfully derails mass action
EDITOR - The simple truth is that Mugabe is substantially if not wholly responsible for the economic and political mess in which every Zimbabwean finds himself in today. He has really worked extra hard to destroy one of Africa's once most

vibrant and most promising economies. Today Zimbabwe qualifies to be listed in the group of the failed states – what a shame!
But what is Gono’s role in the economic management of the practically bankrupt but very beautiful country called Zimbabwe. Is he a Messiah or a Devil? I, for one, having followed closely the events in my beloved but troubled country for years now, firmly believe that Gono is being used by Mugabe to foil and kill people’s resolve to fight for their freedom.
For almost four years now, Gono has come up with short-sighted, half baked, incomprehensible and to a large extent unworkable economic policies. It boggles the mind to realise that someone who presumably has done Economics at university and a man who is in the position of the Reserve Bank of a republic gets the basics of xconomics wrong every time, yet he continues to enjoy the best of protection from the country’s president.
How on earth can a man of Gono’s calibre blame the economic woes bedevilling the country on the suffering masses that he accuses of “hoarding cash?” Even a street kid roaming the streets of Harare knows pretty well that industries are folding daily due to the non-availability of forex in the country, which is a direct result of the government’s unsustainable and imaginary economic policies. The multi-trillion Zim dollar question here is, Is this failure (by Gono) to address the really causes of the crisis by faulty or it by is by design?
To me this is purely by design and Gono does this to prevent people from confronting their number one enemy – Mugabe and his Zanu (PF),of which Gono is part. This has really worked for Zanu (PF) so far.
Many people have been working towards mass protests to demonstrate against the repression of Mugabe’s despotic regime. Gono has successfully derailed this by announcing that the country’s money would be changed in three weeks. It is not difficult to understand why no effort was made to educate the population about the new notes. It was to ambush people, get them unaware so as to shift their attention from the struggle and destroy the gathered momentum as everyone now concentrates on trying to protect their valueless millions before the August 21 deadline.
Where on earth have you ever heard the money of a country changed in a space of only three weeks with no prior publicity at all? Shame on you Gono!

Delay not a problem
EDITOR – The delay in mass action is not a crisis, although some are starting to loose patience with our leader Mr Tsvangirai. I think a delay is good because people still need to be taught the reason behind the mass action, especially in the rural areas. These are the people who are still deceived by Mugabe and believe that the economic collapse is because of British sabotage.
They are now learning that the way you raise money is by robbing civilians of their Z$14 trillion in order to finance the Green bombers and the army.
The mass will take action because of fear. The fear that we have is for the future of our children, who will live in the country without any mineral resources as these are all being given to the Chinese.

Trillion dollar question
EDITOR – Let us all be awakened to the grave realities of the false and tragic theatrics of our Governor Dr Gono on the collapsed economy. Previous RBZ Governors stuck to their traditional terms of references and quietly worked out things based on the economic realities. Both Dr Moyana and Dr Tsumba advised the government that the economy of Zimbabwe (since the creation of the modern economy in the 1890s) is based on the soils, agriculture and mining.
Gono’s acquiring of extra powers of even seeking the services of the unpopular, corrupt and counterproductive Green Bombers is tragically astonishing.
The trillion dollar question (after removing a zero or two) is why not use the energies of the CIO Army, Green Bombers, etc to restore the agriculture and mining fortunes? After all, are these not the very same terror institutions (with the help from Dr Made’s Ministry and Prof Moyo) that actively destroyed and wiped out the once prosperous agricultural and mining activities in Zimbabwe?

Do not despair
EDITOR – The various reports of people being beaten up, detained in cells and systematically tortured by soldiers, police and CIO agents as punishment for backing the opposition party and expressing alternate views and opinions are deeply disturbing.
It’s saddening to note that over the past decade Zimbabweans have lost most of the rights for which the liberation struggle was fought. My heart goes to all those defenceless citizens who have been victims of various forms of political violence. I would like to reassure the long-suffering Zimbabweans that the brutal repression will soon inevitably come to an end. History tells us no dictatorship has lasted forever. Ruling out majority rule Ian Smith once declared “Not in my life time”. It’s 26 years since we got independence and he is still alive. I call upon all oppressed Zimbabweans not to despair in these hard times. They say its darkest before dawn .The writing is on the wall. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow Zimbabwe will soon be free from this oppressive black minority regime ruling under the guise of black majority.
I appeal to the victims and witnesses of violence and torture to keep and preserve any pieces of evidence that could be used to convict and punish those responsible when Zimbabwe is free. In the courts of justice evidence will be crucial in convicting those torturing and violating peoples’ rights with impunity.

Protecting life and property
EDITOR – Mr. Mohadi has said: “The mandate of the Police is to protect life and property. We cannot be found wanting in our mandate to protect any citizen including the Governor.”
This is wonderful stuff from the Minister of Home Affairs. Here are a few further pointers for the fine gentleman.
• In Matabeleland about 20 000 civilians were murdered in the 80s by the current Air Marshall Perence Shiri.
• In the last year Gideon Gono has printed trillions, there by stealing the people’s pensions and savings.
• In April 2000 David Stephens was abducted from a Police station and shot in cold blood by “war veterans.”
• In April 2000 Martin Olds was surrounded by “war veterans” and murdered whilst the Police at Nyamandlovu declined to protect him at all.
• In the last six years there have been wholesale evictions of farmers, and looting of equipment – in some instances by Mr. Mohadi’s fellow cabinet ministers – as the landowners were deemed to be evil because they were white, or because they might not support wholesale Zanu murder and looting as per the last 26 years.
Fortunately for Mr. Mohadi, and his Zanu Republic Police, there will be no transport or fuel problems to apprehend their offenders because they are actually all Zanu – most conveniently, it will a be a totally in-house Zanu operation.
The present situation in the country is hardly surprising – no matter how much the likes of Eric Bloch choose to defend the Governor’s policy of stealing pension funds by printing money. The people of Zimbabwe are very wise to by pass the Zanu (criminally run) Reserve Banking system, that funds the monster that is killing them – Zanu itself – and have chosen to run their own fiscal system – the informal sector.
All of us (including the Americans) must be mindful of the fact that the Arabs are now putting their faith in the EU monetary system rather than the US one. The Arabs, like the Zimbabweans worry about feeding a beast that has now turned on them and their families. Can we really blame them?
We must remember that “he who sows inequity shall reap calamity.”
Zanu is now reaping where it sowed. Is Eric Bloch now attempting to nurture Zanu’s crop of calamity? I fear so. New seed might well be a better option.
PRO LEGE, by email

Appealing for help
EDITOR – I am appealing to individuals and organisations that can assist me complete my studies at the UZ. I will be entering into my fourth and final year of my BSc (HONS) degree in Electrical Engineering, but I am having difficulties in raising the required fees. As outlined in The Sunday Mail of August 6 the total fees required this coming semester is Z$47 000, and is proving difficult for me to find as I owe the University $13 000 from last semester.
Those willing to assist can get in touch with me on: [email protected]
NORMAN, Harare

Verses of Fury
Voices wrangle violently from one lonely corner to another like a thrown sharp object from a custard metal box. Voices return to original places, hastily and miserably. The same voices are submerged and prompt deep thoughts, fuelling and lubricating the brain, otherwise corrosive if allowed to remain idle.
Faces that I see, to those that I go and those that come me, oiled with sheer rage. Destroyed faces deployed into this miserable world. My Zimbabwe.
By merely looking, thoughts, conclusions and a battalion of questions sail through one’s mind. I was brought unwillingly into this harsh, cancerous Zimworld which taught me how Zimlife fails man. But upon naked examination, I feel and still sit comfortably in the auditorium of this gospel. ZimLife fails no man.
Contaminated and contained rage, is too dangerous if allowed to overflow and results are always streams and lakes of blood, flooding human blood that comes with it huge loads in skeleton forms depositing what was once defined as “human” to the mouth of barbarism. The professor, using his small, high magnifying lenses, bores his naked iris on the remains while the pauper eyes him back.
The writer scribbles squabbles with sheer, utter amazement and joy for the dollars that may be. Whose reputation is sacrificed while the analysis of what could have been avoided boils in one’s heart and the results are always acidic actions towards the remains.
I would have wanted to pity and feel remorse towards mothers and their unborn who die in labour and are piled in cold rooms – supposed to be mortuary. I must pity lucky infants shrivelled with rage, as hunger and malnutrition tolls – to remorse towards a few babies who live to tell the painful experience.
You expect me to be proud of my nation, to be proud of my skin? Mine, even yours has become nothing but verses, verses of fury that burn nakedly in our everyday Zimbabwe. It never rains, but pours verses of fury in the streets, hungry walls even billionaires too fume over the dropping of the precious zeroes. Wither shall all end?

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