Letters 3-08-06

Police savagery abounds
EDITOR - I want to tell you of the most terrible incident I witnessed yesterday and this is truly indicative of the hatred, savagery and total disregard for all human rights and the law, perpetrated by the Police.
I had to take a witness to Mabelrei

gn Police station at 3pm – there was one car in the car park, an accused on the ground near the car and four plain clothes (one with an FN over his shoulder), one constable and one militia in police uniform. The accused, a small man of about 40, had already been bashed, the left side of his face was like a football. Both of them were shouting at him, punching and kicking him. I shouted at them to stop. Everyone else just stood and watched. Nothing happened so I lunged for the militia and in trying to pull him off the accused (who was now curled up in the foetal position, what else could he do) he lost his balance and fell over.
He leapt up, straight up into my face – yelling “you assaulted me, I can arrest you”. If it hadn’t been so gross, it would have been funny – he’s screaming that I assaulted him, when he is knocking the s***out of the poor accused. I muttered, not quietly enough “f***ing police”, and was then surrounded by the plain clothes guys, two of them being the most evil and hate filled men I have seen in a long time. Many threats from them, while I am shouting back, “you can’t just assault people like this”. It was getting nasty so I drove out, with them yelling abuse and throwing the Zanu fist at me.
This man is just one of thousands who experience the savagery, torture and barbarity of the so-called police/CIO/CID on a daily basis. There is absolutely NO RECOURSE to the law now.
Appalled, HARARE

Liberator turned Monster
EDITOR – When Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980 Mugabe was the hero of the struggle regarded by the people of Zimbabwe as the new hope of the nation. He was the new Messiah who was going to cure Zimbabwe’s ills. Alas – the Messiah has turned into a Judas. What a betrayal. It is even more painful when it is done by one of your own. Today Zimbabwe is a country in turmoil – a catastrophe of Mugabe’s own making. Mugabe is seriously deranged and one day he will pay heavily.
It is beyond belief that Zimbabwe has been reduced to rubble at the hands of a monster who was once a liberator. Mugabe one day you will be judged. You need to be afraid – very afraid – because the end is nigh. Big brother is watching you. Nothing lasts forever, even the longest and the most glittering reign comes to an end. Some day and the people of Zimbabwe will never remember you as a liberator but only as a brutal monster.
Chipo Dhinda, UK

Thank you to youths
EDITOR – May we express our utmost gratitude that, despite political pressures, many youths attended the Youth Against Corruption Day July 20, at Town House in Chegutu. The National Association for Youths Against Corruption was found by the suspended Midlands State University student activist against corruption Chris Gatsi (20). Our objectives are: To research and bring to the law any corrupt activities; To hold the government to highest level of transparency and accountability in their mgt of public affairs(as in A.U Convection section 12); To pursue how cases of corruption are dealt with by the responsible law enforcement agents and the courts; To facilitate youth developmental projects; To carry out large awareness campaigns about corruption, ways to fight it as well as propose policies.
We can be contacted at Box 393, Chegutu. Cell:(Founder president) 091 714 308 or (053)2232
National Association for Youths Against Corruption N.A.Y.A.C

We need common sense
EDITOR – Government has increased the tax-free income threshold from $7 million to $20 million a month to cushion workers against hyper-inflation, while an additional $372,2 trillion is needed to finance Government expenditure until year-end.
This is not good news because the effective date is 1 September. Considering the ever increasing inflation and cost of rentals, food and transport I wonder who these people think they are pleasing. It was going to make real sense if the effective date was 1 August so that at least we will enjoy the benefits for one month.
On average workers are paying $150 000 per trip to work but by the end of September I bet it will be $ 300 000 per trip. In Zimbabwe figures don’t mean anything because they represent valueless.
We need common sense and real concern for the plight of the people.
Stanford, Harare

Find real supporters
EDITOR – I am very embarrassed with people who are diverting people from the real struggle to kill time while giving Mugabe ground to strategise and remain in power forever.
Are these people Mugabe`s agents or are they just greedy people just trying to manipulate and take advantage of the situation for their personal benefits? We are ready to die for a good cause of fighting this regime with all means possible.
My appeal to our honest leader President Morgan Tsvangirai is to find us real supporters so that we can remove Mugabe. When we try it peacefully he always respond violently, so please there is no more time for a peaceful solution to Zimbabwe as long as Mugabe is still alive.
Tsvangirai and his executive should leave Zimbabwe immediately and form a government in exile and be able to commence real action directly.
Zenzo Nleya, Zimbabwe

Good riddance
EDITOR – I was not surprised by the formation of tribal political parties here in South Africa and in Britain. These people have been like dry branches in our party, so its good for the party when dry branches fall off. They have been hindering our progress as a part. Thank God for them being out of our way.

Happy with their lot?
EDITOR – It would seem that Zimbabweans are happy with their lot and are not really keen on changing anything, as nothing has happened vis-a-vis “Uncle Morgan’s” winter campaign of unrest! Well, if that’s the way we want it, then fine, but there is definitely something wrong with a people who enjoy being ridden roughshod over by their government who care not a hoot for them.
If we think of the many thousands who laid down their lives to rid the nation of a “repressive” (RF) regime, to be replaced by what we have now, then those lives must have all been thrown away in vain. To the people who are left in Zimbabwe (and I’m one of them!), I’m ashamed to live amongst a bunch of cowards. Is Tsvangirai not really a second Jonathan Moyo, or maybe just a front for Zanu (PF), to confuse the people some more? And where are all the cowardly whites who are knocking Roy Bennett for making a stand for righteousness – all of us, both black and white, make up this nation of weaklings. We all say “there’s nothing we can do” – there is more than one way to kill a cat.
S. Taylor, Zimbabwe

The gap is unbelievable
EDITOR – Thank you for your paper that is bold enough to tell it as it is without fear. May you allow me space to express my grave concerns on the record breaking inflation that has wreaked havoc in our economy and brought catalogues of suffering to Zimbabweans.
Such galloping inflation is without doubt a vivid illustration of the collapse of the country’s economy and a clear reflection of the incompetence and failure of the government.
I find it deeply disturbing that with an inflation rate of almost 1200% our beloved country now has the highest rate in the world. By comparison its even more saddening to realise that Iraq, the country with the second highest has an inflation rate of only 64%.
The gap is unbelievable. Worthy of note is the inflation rate for our closest neighbour South Africa which is below 5% while the inflation rates for Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia are all below 10% .Its equally disheartening to realise that even Somalia, the only country in the world that has been running without a government for many years now hasn’t got an inflation as abnormal as ours.
Most worrying is the inaction and inability of the regime to stop this economic madness. It just seems the desperate repressive government has run out of ideas and can no longer think of a turnaround plan to address the causes of this spiralling inflation, stabilize the currency and resuscitate the ailing economy.
It’s common knowledge this prevailing economic chaos is a consequence of well documented economic mismanagement, rampant corruption, short sighted absurd policies and above all the systematic tendency of putting political ambitions before economic considerations.
Despite all these well-documented factors that have led to the economic rot the government still claims the economic problems are a result of Western sanctions and take every opportunity to blame Tony Blair for the self inflicted economic woes bedevilling our nation. We need a change of government.

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