Letters 31-08-2006

Caught in the wilderness
EDITOR - Gideon Gono is particularly pleased with himself having openly admitted that the Zanu Reserve Bank has just stolen $10 trillion dollars - 22% of the grossly over printed cash - on the currency switch.
Much of this was stolen by him using extensive Police

road blocks, but is conveniently referred to as being “caught in the wilderness.”
Regardless of what Gideon writes on the paper that he is trying to sell as legal tender – Operation Sunrise is reverse reserve banking – meaning “I promise not to pay the bearer on demand.”
Mugabe and Gono printed trillions – then sold it to the public for their precious forex.
But this was still insufficient cash for that Zanu monster’s appetite, so they thought up a “home grown” way to steal the people’s money again – Operation Sunrise.
By admission in his report, Gideon has said that there will be another planned theft. Zanu still wants more money from the people!

Heroes Day has gone
EDITOR – What shall we say on heroes’ day? He who has been set free by the blood of the heroes is free indeed. Since we won our independence, I have never experienced freedom at all. My message to all Zimbabweans today is: let us come together to pray and ask God for forgiveness, we have distanced ourselves from Him, but if we humble ourselves and pray, He will hear from heaven and answer. He is quick to forgive, so it is not too late for us to repent.
He has promised great things for Zimbabwe. We were once called the bread basket of Africa; we will again be the bread basket, but now for the whole world. He has told prophets to let us know that He wants Zimbabweans to be herbs for healing of other nations. This will happen only if as a nation, we refuse to bow down to dead people and idols that we make with our own hands and turn to God and the only God of the universe. Let us pray that He forgives and heals our land and gives us good leaders like Moses of Israel who led people to their promised land. He never moved until God showed up and told him what to do next. God’s guidance is the best in all we do as people.
Some of us have even started cursing these people who are trying to make things better for our nation. Ho, you do not understand what I mean by cursing them, when you exalt a man putting him in the place of God, you are definitely cursing him. I received an e-mail about professor Mutambara; his clan has already cursed him calling him the messiah of Zimbabwe. There is only one Messiah of the world including Zimbabwe, His name is Yeshua or Jesu Kristu and there is no other in heaven or earth besides Him. If any man puts himself in that place or calls himself that name or even allow people to say that about them, they are cursing themselves. If God had given you wisdom to do things, then you do not realise where the wisdom comes from, you think you are cute, you will see! In Ndebele we say, ‘uzokhela amalahle ekhanda’. Lucifer fell because he thought he could do all things by himself, he thought he was like God.
We urge you then brethren, that you pray for leaders, that they will not be puffed up, but be people who are humble before God knowing that they are just leaders who are appointed by God himself for His people. If you support what I say or if you do not agree, you can talk to me on 07950543612 or e-mail me on [email protected].
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Tisvikevo changamire
Imwi munoti mukaita mweya
varombo vanonanzvira.
Imwi munoti mukafa
varombo vanovhunza ‘mamuka sei?’
Imwi munoti mukakuvara
nhunzi dzinofa nemudongodongo
mavhara maronda nemicheka inokosha.
Tisvikevo changamire
munyika yenyu,
inoridzwa ngoma dzerusununguko
asi varombo vakasungwa
netambo dzisingaonekwi.
By Chenjerai Hove

My Lord
Allow us to step on your lands,
my lord.
You, who farts
and the poor lick their dry lips.
You, my lord,
even in death
the poor dare ask about your health.
You, my lord,
whose wounds well bandaged
make flies die with desires.
Allow us, my lord,
into your lands
where drums of freedom deafen the ear
and the poor’s arms are tied
with invisible ropes.
By Chenjerai Hove

Willie Musarurwa must be turning in his grave
EDITOR – The late veteran journalist and former editor of the Sunday Mail was once quoted saying: “The false impression is created that the country is perfect and there are no bad things happening. Development journalism gets to the point when it becomes lazy journalism and great disservice to the people and the government of the people. Because the newspapers are dull, the people do not read them, and when they do not read them, they are not informed of what the government is doing and saying. Sunshine journalism is deceptive and destructive. There must be a realistic balance between good and bad news.”
All that he foretold about the situation in Zimbabwe, has become a reality.
The State-controlled Mass Media is in a situation where by it has failed to deliver unbiased, accurate and informative news to the general public.
And that is why its advertising revenue is declining, leading it to failing to pay highly competitive packages to its staff.

Annan has betrayed us
EDITOR – Robert Mugabe appointed (anointed?) Benjamin Mkapa as the mediator in what he perceives as a “bilateral dispute” between Zimbabwe and Britain, an appointment which let Kofi Annan off the hook and avoid his duty to follow up on the report of by Anna Tibaijuka. Mkapa’s appointment was confirmed by the African Union in Banjul recently.
I have always understood that mediation is an exercise in conflict resolution overseen by a mediator appointed through the mutual agreement of the conflicting parties. Such a development requires a) an acknowledgement that there is a problem and b) the identification of said problem and c) an agreement by the parties to seek mediation. Since Tony Blair denies that the Zimbabwean crisis derives from any conflict between Zimbabwe and Britain, he certainly has not been party to any agreement on a mediator.
Who therefore are the parties to the dispute, apart from Mugabe? If there is only one party involved, there can be no agreement on a mediator. The only logical conclusion therefore must be that Mugabe has appointed Mkapa not as a mediator but as his representative to a non-existent process.
Mkapa must therefore be viewed as nothing more than a protagonist for Mugabe and, as such, no different from any other of Mugabe’s henchmen. As such, his job should be very easy. Endorse and amplify his employer’s position and retire from the field of battle as quickly as possible, before suffering massive damage to his reputation and getting ensnared in Mugabe’s web of deceit and duplicity like Mbeki and Obasanjo before him.
It is disgusting that Annan should acquiesce in a transparent scheme to divert attention from the real source of our problems, the responsibility for which lies squarely with Mugabe and his failure to deal constructively with Zimbabwe’s inheritance of colonial inequalities.
By doing so, Annan has betrayed the people of Zimbabwe and further delayed the resolution of our crisis. It was precisely the failure of the international community to deal with the rogue regime of Ian Smith in a timely, principled and conclusive manner that condemned this country to years of war and suffering, a conflict that gave rise to the militaristic dictatorship we now seek to dislodge. It is unfortunate if Zimbabweans are to repeat their miserable history for yet another time.

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