MDC petitions Gauteng MEC

JOHANNESBURG - Over 300 supporters from the Mutambara faction of the MDC gathered here last week to protest against the treatment of Zimbabwean nationals by the South African police.
The protesters handed over a petition to the Gauteng MEC demanding that "police officers conduct themselv

es professionally when executing their duties.”
In the petition the MDC state their concern about the way the SA police “raid our flats in the middle of the night” victimising woman and children and destroying and stealing property.
A spokesperson for the party said: “We support the South African government in the fight against crime. Most of us are victims of violent crime. But the police are no longer hunting down criminals – they are targeting Zimbabweans who are victims of the Mugabe regime.”
The petition demanded that Zimbabwean nationals be treated with respect and dignity, that police officers conduct themselves professionally when executing their duties and refrain from arresting people who are in possession of asylum documents issued by the Department of Home Affairs. – Staff reporter

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