Mobilizing from South Africa

JOHANNESBURG - MDC South Africa held a successful District Congress for Zimbabweans in the township of Alexandra. Following preliminary meetings held in Alexandra a fortnight ago, an interim committee was set up to mobilize Zimbabweans resident in the town of Alexandra to elec

t leadership for their district. The Chairman for MDC South Africa, Judge Ncube, addressed hundreds of Zimbabweans who had gathered to elect their leadership as well as present their problems to the MDC. The organizing secretary for MDC South Africa, Rodgers Mudarikwa, and his deputy Lovemore Tshabala led the crowd in song and dance and presented a strategy for MDC South Africa to mobilize resistance against the Mugabe regime from South Africa. Also present were Alice Mhlanga, the chairperson for Johannesburg district, and William Mabona the Secretary for MDC South Africa. Mudarikwa urged all Zimbabweans residing in South Africa to come together and mobilize a strong resistance to remove the Mugabe regime. “We must unite and heed the call of our president, Morgan Tsvangirai, in protesting the destruction and plunder of our economy by the Mugabe regime. After dark comes the night and the signs are clear that dawn is near,” he said. Residents of Alexandra went on to elect a full leadership for their district, which held its first meeting as soon as the provincial leadership left.

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