Morgan pleads for unity

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe "must be dragged shouting and kicking" to the negotiating table, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai told the convention called by the pro-democracy Christian Alliance at the weekend.
But a senior government minister who declined to be named said Mugabe would never ac

cept demands for a new constitution.
Opposition leaders rejected Tsvangirai’s invitation to form one big opposition political party to confront the Mugabe regime. They were Professor Arthur Mutambara of the pro-senate MDC, Paul Siwela of Zapu Federal Party (FP), Daniel Shumba of the United People’s Party (UPP) and Wurayayi Zembe of the Democratic Party (DP). A proxy represented Prof. Jonathan Moyo of the United People’s Movement (UPM).
“We are the leaders who unite or divide people,” Tsvangirai, said in an impassioned unity plea. “Lets not speak peace, let’s act peace. We cannot afford the luxury of politicking and rhetoric. People are demanding that change must come.”
Political analyst George Mkwananzi said unity, especially between the opposing MDC factions was a “non-starter.”
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition CEO Jacob Mafume said after Saturday’s meeting it was clear that all democratic forces were agreed that the current constitutional framework was the source of the crisis in Zimbabwe.
“There is need to create a unified platform for democratic forces to engage in sustainable fight for democracy in Zimbabwe,” Mafume said. “There is need for a comprehensive people-driven constitutional process encompassing an all-stakeholders approach.” – From Gift Phiri

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