Win a year's school fees!

The Zimbabwean is proud to announce...
The WOZA Primary School Children's story competition (named in honour of the WOZA women's brave protests against exorbitant school fees in Zimbabwe)

Our exciting new competition is open to all children who will

be going into Grades 5, 6 or 7 next year (2007). 100 lucky children will win school fees for a year, payable to a rural or high-density council, government or mission school only. Fees will be paid directly to the school.
How to enter:
1. Write a story about something important that has happened in your life.
2. The story must be true. It must really have happened to you.
3. Write the story in the first person.
4. Tell what happened and how it made you feel
5. You can use false names for people and places if you want to.
6. The story must not be longer than two pages, neatly written.
7. Be as descriptive as possible.
8. Nobody except The Zimbabwean will know your real name and address.
9. All stories published will appear under your Pen Name.
10. Make sure you post your story to us in good time to reach our office before October 31, 2006.

Competition Rules:
1. The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
2. The story must be neatly written, not longer than two pages, on lined paper.
3. Stories can be written in Shona, Ndebele or English.
4. Entries must be mailed to: and must arrive before October 31, 2006.
5. Winners will be notified in the first week of December 2006.
6. Only one entry per pupil will be accepted.
7. Please mark your name and address, and the name and address of your school clearly on the top of the first page. Your name and address will be kept confidential by The Zimbabwean.
8. Please also choose a Pen Name for yourself and write it next to your real name.
9. School fees will be paid directly to the school each term and an attendance report will be requested from the headmaster.
10. Copyright of the winning stories will be held by The Zimbabwean and we reserve the right to publish them as we see fit. The top 10 stories will be published in The Zimbabwean.

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