News Briefs 10-08-06

Gono in serious trouble
NORTON- Last week's savage attacks on Gideon Gono's two farms have sparked a new twist to President Robert Mugabe's succession issue amid reports that there is a bigger plot to eliminate the central bank chief.
Top ruling party officials say the bur

ning of the Reserve Bank governor’s 250-hectare unharvested maize field at his Donnington Farm in Norton and a raid by four armed men at his flower project near Beatrice is only a tip of the iceberg.
The officials said the attacks were “highly political” rather than mere arson, although state security minister Didymus Mutasa, who oversees the operations of the Central Intelligence Organization, labelled Gono’s assailants “economic saboteurs”.
“Gono’s closeness to President Mugabe has made both Mujuru and Mnangagwa feel very uncomfortable,” added the source.
Mnangagwa is being investigated for mismanagement of funds of companies owned by Zanu (PF). Although Gono did not publicly name anyone, he said graft is a cancer in the country that wants to be dealt with ruthlessly if economic recovery and development is to be achieved.
Although Gono lost huge sums of money in last week’s mishap, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had no kind words for him.
“The fact that Gono has more than two farms proves that his statements are hollow and rhetoric. He has a galloping ambition for power,” said MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa.- Wilson Butete

Govt imports useless fertilizer
BULAWAYO – The Zimbabwe government has imported 800 tonnes of
useless Compound D fertilizer which has been tested unsuitable for local soils.
The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Simon Pazvakambwa confirmed that the 800 tonnes of fertilizer was declared substandard after
failing quality tests.
He also revealed that government had stopped supplying new farmers with free
agricultural inputs, as they had become a strain on the national budget.Henceforth the new farmers should provide for themselves, he said. – CAJ News.

Madhuku applies for re-admission
BULAWAYO – The chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Lovemore Madhuku, has applied for re-admission into the Law Society of Zimbabwe
(LSZ) for him to practice law following his suspension 13 years ago.
Madhuku was expelled from the LSZ in 1993 for allegedly misappropriating
Z$3.6 million.
The NCA chairman said the law entitled him to apply for re-admission for
him to practice law.
“What I can say is that, it is too early for me to confirm that (application) but the law does not bar anyone. I am entitled in terms of the law, should I decide to practice, to seek re-admission at any time as expulsion is not a death sentence,” he said.- CAJ News

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