No Heroes Acre rest for Mugabe

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of Zimbabweans living in South Africa brushed aside economic and political havoc at home and honoured their national heroes at a commemoration organized by Zimbabwean civic organizations.
Human rights lawyer and leader of the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF) Gabriel Shumba d

escribed living Zanu (PF) heroes as “enemies of the people.”
Speaker after speaker slated the ruling party for privatizing a national commemoration of genuine heroes who died for the liberation of Zimbabwe.
The exiled student leader, Givemore Chari, who survived a CIO abduction attempt, had harsh words for President Robert Mugabe. The militant former student leader of Bindura University vowed that his generation would never allow Mugabe to rest at Heroes’ Acre.
“Mugabe brought misery to the people of Zimbabwe and we will never insult our ancestors by accommodating him at the national shrine,” said Chari.
The second leg of the commemoration was moved to Tembisa township of Ekurhuleni Metro where the local MDC leadership read out 400 names of people who died in Zanu PF hands.
A minute of silence was observed. MDC secretary of the South Africa branch, William Mabona lamented the militarization of heroes in Zimbabwe and said many genuine heroes had been denied due recognition.
“Everyone who is here is a hero, because we are current combatants for change. Zanu heroes include Enos Chokowore, Hilter Hunzwi, Joyce Mujuru and of course Joseph Chinotimba. What kind of heroes are these?” asked MDC Chairman of the West Rand district, Tawanda Mswazie. – Sibanengi Dube

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