Police accused of corruption

HARARE - Police commissioner Augustine Chihuri has ordered the immediate withdrawal of police officers stationed at the country's border posts following serious allegations of corruption.
The police officers were deployed at the border posts last week to block individuals from attempting to sm

uggle back into the country huge amounts of money following recent monetary changes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).
Sources within the police said Chihuri was forced to act after RBZ governor, Gideon Gono, complained to him in a strongly worded letter this week that senior police officers were throwing spanners into the government operation.
“Several senior police officers have been caught shielding their tycoon friends from having their cash confiscated at police roadblocks, a development that has infuriated Chihuri,” said a source.
Police spokesman, Wayne Bvudzijena confirmed that the withdrawal of the police officers at the border posts but denied that the withdrawal was due to corruption.
“This operation is being done in good faith and is targeting every corrupt individual whatever position they hold in society. The fact that some police officers have been arrested shows this is a transparent process,” he said.
The Law Society of Zimbabwe and other local human rights groups this week condemned the cash seizures by President Robert Mugabe’s government saying they were a violation of human rights. – ZimOnline

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