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Saturday August 5 was the Zimbabwe Community Association Festival in Kilburn Grange Park in North West London. I didn't really know what to expect as I could find out precious little about the event before hand, but I decided to pop down there anyway, shunning the slightly better advertised Fruitsto

ck free festival in Regent’s Park that my friends were going to. I did not regret my decision – what a fantastic show!
After some entertainment from the Young Faces of Africa traditional dancing troupe, Netsayi took to the stage accompanied by guitarist Mashasha to give the crowd four songs from her new album Chimurenga Soul, which is now on general release. I have seen Netsayi a few times and always really enjoyed her performances. My favourite track this time round was Tatters, and I thoroughly recommend that if you haven’t heard her before, you get on to her website or myspace page and see what all the fuss is about.
Next up was my new favourite band Harare Dread. I had heard nice things about these guys and it was an unexpected treat to see them live. Cool reggae vibes filled the air in NW6 as they came on, and they’re not just a good band, but have some socially conscious things to say as well. I am always a sucker for a lively act, but suffice to say, they took the show to the next level, and I was a little unsure of what the festival organisers might possibly have up their sleeves to top that.
My fears were unfounded, as it was actually quite a special treat. Things went up a gear yet again with the arrival Stella Chiweshe. Whilst I have seen her perform back in Zimbabwe, I have never seen her at this kind of show and it was an awesome performance. With a good solid percussive backing that infused the crowd with infectious beats; she sang, she played mbira, she danced on stage – she’s actually pretty damn rock and roll! A fine conclusion for the people who had managed to make it there – I just hope that if next year’s festival is as good as this year’s that the ZCA make a little more noise about it!
Find out more the artists featured in this article online.
Netsayi www.netsayi.com
Harare Dread http:// freespace.virgin.net/harare.dread /
Stella Chiweshe www.stellachiweshe.com
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