Unity our only weapon

EDITOR - I still remember well the day workers and students packed Rufaro Stadium in Harare. There was a visible excitement in the stadium. When a white Mazda drove into the stadium, we all chanted "Tsvange, Tsvange." Here was a man who was ready to ask us publicly the question we had been waiting

for. The question was “Toitaa bato revashandi here?” Can we start the workers’ party? The answer was a deafening Yes. MDC was formed with the backing of the masses.

Tsvangirai was still leading the ZCTU then, therefore Gibson Sibanda became a caretaker President of MDC (I stand to be corrected if I am wrong) for a period. Then Tsvangirai was chosen as the President of MDC, the only party showing signs of removing Robbie from power. Where did this leave Sibanda? Vice President Second in charge. OOCH By the way, Canaan Banana was also a caretaker president before the real president took over. Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, was a Vice President, second in charge to Chatuu.

Where does all this leave Sibanda? Yes I am talking tribal. Why do we try to avoid saying the truth, Mr. Gibson Sibanda, Mr. Paul T. Nyathi, Professor Welshman Ncube and Mr. Job Sikhala are playing a tribal card.

They know Bulawayo and Matebeleland are MDC strongholds. Former ZAPU supporters are anti-Shona rule over the strong-witted Ndebele tribe. So being anti- Mugabe (I am too but not tribal, who is not anti Kariganyika?) a Shona Dictator, therefore finding fault in another Shona leader Tsvangirai, is in their eyes an opportunity or a right recipe for an Ndebele Leader to take over, If I am wrong, then why is it that 85% of those in favour of destroying (Yes I said, destroying, what else is being pro-Senate mean?) MDC are our MDC leaders from Ndebele tribe?

I know the Ndebele people, or should I say the Matebele-Zimbabweans, are not fools. They can see where all this is leading. Khonte Mhlanga tried it with Super ZAPU, where is he now? Please let us not give credit to Zanu and the CIO, but let the boos and thumbs-down go to Gibbie and his men who want to divide our country when unity is the only weapon we have to remove the present regime.

Before I go kushift,let me advise Mr. Sibanda and his Bafanas, please leave MDC alone, and form your own party called GI (Gibson) NYA (Nyathi) BE (Ncube) Khala (Sikhala , pronounced GINYABEKHALA Party because what else do you want from taking part in the senate? Yes! You are right, Lifuna ukugiya thina abanye sikhala ngehlala.

Lastly, by the way did you (Zimbabweans, Shona and Ndebele) know that the First Chimurenga was not started by Mbuya Nehanda but by the Ndebele people. A messenger was sent from Matebeleland to inform the Shona that an uprising had started in Matebelelend. The likes of Mbuya Nehanda were the first to receive the message and started the Shona side of the Chimurenga, but history does not reflect this. May be this is what is worrying Sibanda and his friends. If he becomes President, the truth will be revealed. Keep your fingers crossed Sibanda, if MDC wins, your party (GP) will be in opposition one day.

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