We salute WOZA and MOZA

This week those incredibly brave women of WOZA were arrested yet again - together with their babies and some male supporters. They have been arrested every time they have taken to the streets to prod our consciences about the various issues that bedevil our society. WOZA has demonstrated on issue

s that need to be debated and addressed – issues such as the astronomical rise in school fees, a new constitution for Zimbabwe, housing, peace, the economy. In fact – all the bread and butter issues that effect ordinary people. And every time the government has mercilessly manhandled them into jail. Young and old, the women – together in many cases with suckling babies and toddlers – have been beaten, thrown into prison, denied sanitation, food and water, medical treatment and access to their lawyers. But they keep coming back for more. They never give up. They even offer themselves for arrest in solidarity with other members, knowing full well the inhuman conditions under which they will be held – in filthy, lice-infested, stinking cells, sleeping on concrete floors with no blankets, hungry and thirsty.
We salute these women and are delighted that the men of Zimbabwe, not to be outdone, have at last risen to take their place beside them. For too long, men have taken a back seat while the brunt of Mugabe’s wrath has fallen upon these women.
Thus we salute, too, the formation of MOZA. May their courage match that of WOZA and may they persevere until victory is ours.

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