Williams, Mahlangu remanded

BULAWAYO - After a full week of harassment, Law and Order police officers finally managed to deliver summons to two key members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu, last week. The summons were for them to appear on trial to answer charges for peaceful protests

on June 18 2004 and June 16, 2004 respectively. Mahlangu and three others face charges under the Public Order Security Act. But when they appeared in court on Monday, the case was remanded to October 3, as the Public Prosecutor could not locate the docket, so no papers could be used to open a record. They are being charged under Section 24 (6). Advocate Perpetua Dube will handle the defence. Last week, Law and Order police officers staked out the home of Mahlangu hoping to catch her leaving for a Bulawayo Agenda Public Meeting. Meanwhile Mahlangu had left home earlier in the day. Another team of officers awaited Williams and Mahlangu at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel where Williams was due to speak at a public meeting.
Upon receiving news that Mahlangu’s young sister was under siege by eight officers, a lawyer was retained to accompany Mahlangu to Bulawayo Central Police station to collect the summons only to be redirected to the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel where Officer Tshuma was waiting to serve summons on Williams. Mahlangu, in the company of Advocate Perpetua Dube, was served with a summons to appear on trial on Monday. Advocate Dube accepted a summons to court on October 4, 2006 on behalf of Williams. 63 Harare members are due to receive judgement on their trial at Rotten Row Magistrates Court on Monday 28 August 2006.

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