ZNA top brass slam ‘corrupt’ ZRP

HARARE - Army officers are furious about the recent arrest of retired Colonel Samuel Muvuti, the managing director of the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), which is the sole authority over the country's grain supplies.
Muvuti is facing charges of corruption for allegedly hav

ing used GMB engineers at his farm and authorizing the fraudulent payment at GMB expense of compensation for one engineer who was injured while felling a tree there.
A Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) brigadier, who requested anonymity, told the South-African based news agency, CAJ News, that Muvuti’s arrest had angered many in the ZNA. He said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), and Police Commissioner, Augustine Chihuri in particular, was far more corrupt than Muvuti and yet had not been arrested.
“Chihuri is the last person to condemn corruption. He is one of the filthy-rich ex-combatants in the country. He used police resources, that is material and personnel, to build a modern house near Rushinga turn-off in Mount Darwin. He used the same facilities to built another house at his plot in Darwendale, and to construct a house and borehole in Chitungwiza,” alleged the source.
Another senior police source claimed that Chihuri was currently doing the same for his Deputy Commissioner, Barbara Mandizha, in Borrowdale. “To add to his list of massive properties, Chihuri owns a construction Company named Kidsdale. Also his relatives manufacture police uniforms. That man is administering the most corrupt organization in the country,” alleged the source.
Recently the ZRP acquired top of the range vehicles for senior officers. The move is seen as a bribe to these officers, as junior members of the force find it difficult to attend scenes using bicycles and foot in an environment where criminals use fast cars.
Another Colonel said the arrest of Mvuti marked the beginning of Chihuri’s downfall.
“Senior Officers in the ZRP are the most corrupt people. Chihuri and his deputies have more than five top of the range vehicles each. The Senior Assistant Commissioners enjoy unlimited fuel. Their wives and husbands are given police vehicles and fuel when constables have no bond paper or typewriters.
“Each Assistant Commissioner is given an executive command car, a pick-up for himself and another one for the wife. These guys own adjacent farms to ours, you can visit these farms and see for yourself we have this Woman Assistant Commissioner who owns a farm near mine in Marondera. This lady uses highway patrol cars to run her farm,” alleged another police source.
A Senior Intelligence officer in the Central Intelligence Officer organization (CIO), which falls under the President’s office also claimed that the police commander and some known senior police officers were “extremely a corrupt lot”.
Asked to comment on the allegations of corruption in the ZRP Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka, the source said the allegations of corrupt tendencies were a mischief which needed to be ignored.
When further pressed to explain, he referred the reporter to the police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bundzijena, who could not be reached by the time of going to press. – CAJ News

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