Bemoaning the misguided use of state apparatus

Once again our country has proven as the laughing stock of the world. This time it is to do with the US$300 million bogus deal that the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono, is said to have entered into with bogus Russian businessmen.
Put into perspective, ou

r nation was led into false hope that a significant amount of foreign currency, investment and indeed opportunity for employment creation was coming our way from Russia as Foreign Direct Investment.
That the highest man in our monetary circles, Gideon Gono, ended up in the wrong hands and opened our mining secrets to potential conmen is not only something that all of us as Zimbabweans should forever be ashamed of but it tells us how far the current government has travelled from the masses back home.
One fails to understand how a country that has one of the best trained and well resourced intelligence on the continent, the Central Intelligence Organisation, can let the Governor of their Reserve bank into the hands of such people and end up embarrassing the country on the international public scene.
Apparently the CIO was also trained in Russia, then Soviet Union, by one of the Cold War’s eminent intelligence, the KGB. What it shows is that in Zimbabwe priorities have been misplaced.
The CIO, an apparatus of the state whose role in normal societies would have been to put an intelligence corridor around the nation and protect us against all forms of espionage, sabotage and any other form of adverse foreign intervention, is wrongly employed.
They should have seen Gono falling into a trap, would have known before hand that the people he would open our precious mineral wealth to were briefcase businessmen not worth the briefcases they were carrying, they should have done a lot for the country to save us the humiliation of being fooled by the laughing stock of Russia and justify the salaries that they get from the overburdened Zimbabwean taxpayer.
But they have their sights elsewhere: they are preoccupied with MDC supporters, labour leaders, cross border traders, teachers, footballers, cricketers, Zimbabwean exporters and importers, the youth, civic leaders, church leaders etc. Instead of advising Gono on who to see in Russia, the CIO is busy devising ways of silencing Zimbabweans who are legitimately fulfilling their roles in a democracy.
The CIO has taken it upon itself to be the sixth sense of one man, Robert Mugabe and one Party, Zanu (PF), instead of looking at the common good of Zimbabweans. Real enemies of the state have seen the perforations in our wall and they can get there undetected, thanks to a CIO whose sole purpose is to attack an innocent citizenry.
The Gono saga helps to show the nation and indeed the world the truth about a government selling the country out by misguiding its security personnel. The security in Zimbabwe now thinks that their mothers, sisters, brothers and fathers are the enemy and such real enemies of the state as the bogus Russian businessmen are left to do as they please with our country.
Our security personnel are the best on the continent, but they have not been allowed to do their jobs. They have been manipulated by one man driven by greed for power and corruption. They have become masters of terror as seen by the recent beatings of labour leaders and the murders of Tichaona Chiminya, Talent Mabika, Tonderai Machiridza, the atrocities in Matabeleland and many more. They have become the hand that is perfect in suppressing democracy as seen by vote rigging, the training of youth militias and the general targeting of MDC supporters.
Like every other Security Agency in Zimbabwe, the CIO has the potential of becoming our pride. They have to re-identify with their true role and start serving the nation and not become a party functionary. I am not asking them to start working for MDC, no. All I am saying is that Zanu (PF) already has its own security, Chinyavada.
As for CIO, it is for the country and must be accountable to the Citizenry. It is unacceptable for such a well-trained organization to be so misguided that they sleep on the job. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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