Crooks and Super Crooks

MBARE - There are still many homeless people suffering as a result of Murambatsvina and power politics.
But there are also people sleeping outside in the open because of the callous disregard for their welfare by their neighbours or indeed family members. Houses are being sold by people who do n

ot own them. The same house is being sold to two or three times. The family occupying it is evicted. The buyers lose all their money and remain without shelter. Not hardened criminals, but ordinary, apparently law-abiding citizens, like your in-laws, do that and turn out to be crooks.
The ruling elite is looting and amassing illegitimate wealth. Their immorality is now spreading like a contagious disease to the people of Zimbabwe at large.
Are you getting value for your money when shopping? Check your change! Is your tank empty when you get your car back from the garage? Go and raise hell with the garage owner!
Not only politicians tell outrageous lies (e.g that the inflation will come down soon when in fact it keeps rising). Even your next door neighbour can no longer be trusted. You think him a person of compassion and charity when in fact he abuses the little niece he has received into his home after the death of his brother.
We need to resist the looters and exploiters. But how? Their corruption and depravity must be resisted by the people’s moral integrity, honesty, fair dealing with one another, by their refusal to be infected by the contagious moral diseases of the super-crooks.
Their time is running out. The heroes’ acres are claiming them. We need to prepare for the time after the curtain has come down over their period of history. Re-establishing moral integrity is the best way to work for a new Zimbabwe. – In Touch, Jesuit Communications

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