Forex crisis scuttles trip

SELEBI-PHIKWE - For the third time, foreign exchange problems have put paid to a visit by Zimbabwe councillors to Selebi-Phikwe. The last failure last Friday, saw the Selebi-Phikwe mayor Molosiwa Molosiwa declaring a free-for-all feast because the food had already been ordered at Phokoje Bush Lodge.

The Zimbabwe councillors are from Victoria Falls Municipality Council (VFMC). They were supposed to visit the Selebi-Phikwe Town Council last Friday morning but cancelled at the last minute after refreshments and food had been laid. Their intended visit follows a similar trip to VFMC by Selebi-Phikwe councillors. Among other things, the Zimbabwean councillors were expected to learn how the SPTC runs its activities.
It was obvious, according to the day’s arrangement, that the Zimbabwean councillors were to be accorded royal treatment as the SPTC clerk and the deputy mayor appeared to have vacated their seats at the high table for the visitors. But then, the mayor walked inside the council chamber and announced that it was very unfortunate that the visitors they expected had just informed him that they were no longer coming due to foreign exchange problems in Zimbabwe. He said the council had incurred expenses because it had already booked lunch from Phokoje Bush Lodge and the order could not be cancelled.
Before he could dismiss the sitting, Molosiwa requested the officers and councillors to feast on the sandwiches and tea that were prepared in the council for the visitors’ tea break. He requested them to return to the chamber by lunch time to eat the food ordered from the lodge.
He said the council would consider if the Zimbabwean councillors wish to visit again. However, the council did not book accommodation for the Zimbabwean councillors as theirs was a one-day visit. – Mmegi

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