Hard-pressed Zims turn to religion

MUTARE - In Dangamvura suburb, an energetic young preacher is prowling the pulpit at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, urging his equally youthful congregation to pray for "forgiveness, good health and prosperity".
It is standing room only during this Sunday morning service in

the packed prayer hall. Nestled at the foot of Mt Dangare is the main centre for the Guta RaJehova (GRJ) Church, an indigenous Christian sect whose followers are believers and adherents of faith healing.
The church’s top leader, Ishe Ngaite Zimunya, is busy extolling members of his congregation to keep adhering to the tenets of the church and its founder, Buhera-born Amai Chaza, warning against being sidetracked by diversions and temptations that are inherent when a population is pushed to the wall by a debilitating economy.
“I know life has become unbearable for most of us,” he says during his sermon in the open air on the church’s grounds. “But we must all be careful about false prophets and profit seekers who will take advantage using the name of God at times like these.”
Zimbabweans today are turning to Christianity in spectacularly large numbers, attending services in large cathedrals and prayer halls, open air grounds in the bush or public parks in residential centres or tabernacles. – ZimOnline

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