Mahoso lies to Parliament

HARARE - Zimbabwe's media hangman Tafataona Mahoso is in hot water after being found in contempt of Parliament for lying about the agenda of a meeting between the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) and a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee which discussed the setting up of a Press Council which is poise

d to ban the Media and Information Commission (MIC) that he runs.
The chairman of the Transport and Communications Parliamentary Portfolio Committee Leo Mugabe said Mahoso was in contempt of Parliament by “grossly misrepresenting facts” adding “we are taking steps under the Parliamentary Privileges and Standing Rules to correct this misperception.”
Writing in his usual politically correct bootlicking drivel in the last issue of the Sunday Mail, Mahoso said the media reform meeting held in Harare last week, which was attended by Zanu (PF) MP Daniel McKenzie Ncube, Chitungwiza ruling party Senator Forbes Magadu and President Mugabe’s nephew Leo, was called to plot a “regime change agenda.”
Mahoso wrote: “The meeting was to create a stilted platform from which the activists may engage in an orgy of anti-Zimbabwe diatribe intended to coincide with other recently staged events.”
In his article, Mahoso urged the ministry of Information to investigate the activities of ZUJ, which he accuses of being part of a lobby group to discredit the government.
Media experts said the threats by Mahoso mirrored a renewed government crackdown against the media aimed at outlawing criticism and entrenching Mugabe’s rule. – Own correspondent

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