The importance of cyberspace

The MDC's Lucia Matibenga recently took a swipe at desk-top activists and cyber-revolutionaries, saying they were "quick to criticise those who are in the trenches while they themselves were doing nothing and remained tucked away safely, thousands of miles from tyranny".
It's good

to see that we have been noticed, even if it is from a negative context. Is it getting hot inside the kitchen?
I spend a minimum of four hours a day doing whatever I can to help my country. Is that doing nothing? My cost for doing this is rather high, given my occupational charge out rate at around £30 per hour.
It’s common cause these days for some Zimbabweans to attack those who have offered constructive or other criticism in the past, only to have it fall on deaf ears or be accused of being an armchair warrior or some other derogatory adjective. I have heard it time and again. This name-calling is exactly how Zanu (PF) operates.
In politics, a thick skin is required. Can’t the leadership take advice or criticism? If it can’t, it should learn to because if it doesn’t, Zimbabwe will never make progress. Zimbabwe needs all the help it can get. Right now, there is no progress, only regression, no hope, only depression.
The pity is that until we all unite and share our skills, we will never win this one.
For those who don’t know, we spend inordinate time every day, day in and day out, fighting on another front, all on our own, with no help whatsoever from the MDC or anyone else for that matter.
That means we must be informed about what is going on. We need to have facts at our fingertips and a large storage space of current and historic facts as our weapons, combined with an ability to articulate the truth in a meaningful and positive manner. We use our own resources and we fund ourselves. The enemy has many resources is now being actively assisted by China with expert personnel and their technology. Make no mistake about this, the CIO and other Zanufied state organs have realised the importance and propaganda value of cyberspace. They are becoming more and more active in spreading their mis-information and it is very noticeable that their activity has increased substantially over the past few months.
Does the MDC want to lose the information battle on this front as well? I say, ignore this front at Zimbabwe’s peril.
From where I am sitting, the only effective and active MDC desk-top activist member that I know of, from inside Zimbabwe, is Eddie Cross. He is doing a damned fine job but it’s pretty obvious that he cannot do this on his own. Or can he? Is this what the MDC want?
So, it begs the question. Does the MDC need/want desk-top activists and cyber-revolutionaries to operate or not? It is common knowledge that over the past six years, our numbers have significantly diminished. So many have given up the fight. Here is an opportunity for the MDC to state its position very clearly on this matter.

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