Would-be journos to get Green Bomber training?

HARARE - Zimbabwe's government has announced plans to make national youth service training compulsory for all aspiring journalists, a move that has been widely condemned by civic and opposition groups.
Deputy Youth minister Saviour Kasukuwere told State radio weekend that high school graduates ea

ger to practise as journalists would be required to undergo youth training first to instil them with “patriotism” and what he called an “unbiased understanding of the country’s history.”
But the opposition claims that the youth groups are basically unarmed militia that have been used to assault and intimidate critics of President Robert Mugabe.
Kasukuwere said journalists were “misleading international opinion on Zimbabwe” because they have not been inculcated with patriotism.
“That is why we need all aspiring journalists to first undergo this programme. It also dovetails with the Chitepo Ideology College we intend to set up. Its all part of our party’s roadmap,” Kasukuwere said. “Journalists are giving Zimbabwe a bad name; they are also giving our President a bad name.”
Civic groups said Mugabe was “attempting a draw an iron curtain” around Zimbabwe by installing a sycophantic press that dances to the tune of his dictatorship.
The main opposition Movement for Democratic Change called on the government to disband the youth training altogether. The opposition blames the groups, many dressed in green military-style uniforms, of disrupting its meetings and rallies.
“It is crazy,” opposition spokesman Nelson Chamisa said. “It shows the siege mentality which is increasingly gripping the government.” – Own correspondent

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