Britain dumping Zimbabweans in Malawi

LILONGWE - Britain is dumping Zimbabweans in possession of Malawian passports in neighbouring Malawi and Zimbabwe's neighbour has no powers to compel her former colonial master to stop this practice.
Malawi's home affairs and internal security secretary Martin Mononga admitted

last week that his government had no powers to return Zimbabweans with Malawian passports being deported from Britain.
“Although we are aware of cases of these people being deported into the country, Malawi can not intervene since the United Kingdom is a sovereign state with a mandate to decide who they can accept in their country,” said Mononga.
“The most the Malawi government can do is to advise her citizens wishing to travel to the UK or elsewhere to abide by those countries’ law and regulations regarding visiting or residence,” said Mononga. Human rights campaigners have already condemned the UK government of deliberately dumping Zimbabweans with Malawian passports in Malawi without due regard for the rights of the deportees, as a means of easing political pressure on the issue of the asylum seekers in their country.
Unofficial figures indicate that over 100 Zimbabweans are stranded in Malawi after being deported from the UK while more are still coming. Over 3,000 Zimbabweans are believed to have migrated to the UK using Malawian passports.
Wilbert Marino, a counsellor at the Zimbabwean high commission in Lilongwe said any Zimbabweans stranded in Malawi were free to return to Zimbabwe and reclaim their citizenship.
Zim dollar pressurizes Malawi Kwacha
LILONGWE – Malawi cannot do without Zimbabwe and vice versa. This is why the inflation fever shaking the Zimbabwean dollar is also putting pressure on Malawi’s local currency, the Kwacha.
According to the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) the plunging of the Zim dollar resulting from that country’s social-economic-political crisis had affected the Kwacha, which was now worth 140 to the Kwacha, down from 135. – Frazer Potani

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