Free ZimYouth calls for more pressure

LONDON - The Free Zim has vowed to put more pressure on SADC and the AU ahead Mozambican President Armando Guebuza's visit to the UK next week. They will demonstrate outside Chatham House, 10 St James's Square, on Monday from 1230 - 3pm.
The group's spokesman, Alois Mbawara, said they woul

d ask the newly elected Mozambican head of state to sympathise with the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans.
“Mugabe is trying to divert and destroy any efforts to probe him by African leaders hence his visit to Iran as part of his dirty tricks to align himself with anti-West countries and to pose as a revolutionary.
“Member states have to know that Mugabe is the problem. We are pushing for accountability, transparency and honesty from the SADC troika planning to visit Zimbabwe.”
The group has called on all activists to support its protest, saying: “Lets all bring pots, pans, whistles, drums and make a noise outside the event in solidarity with the new form of protest by our fellow comrades back home.” – Staff reporter

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